Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winter Picnic

A couple weeks ago my best friend, Tricia, had a birthday so we volunteered to watch her crew of three while her and her husband went on a date!

Let me just tell you that Alia ADORES this family! And at the mere mention of J, J, and J... she is instantly GIDDY, dancing, and squealing with excitement!

But... me, being me... I put off supper until the last minute! And given the fact that we were out visiting friends ALL DAY... I needed to whip up a crowd pleaser FAST!

So, who doesn't love a good ole' fashioned picnic? Especially when we've been cooped up inside for the last couple of months!

The menu was the definition of SIMPLE... and the kids were full, happy, and ready to play with the best of them!

Now if only a winter picnic would have made Larren and baby J as happy! Those two were tag teaming the whole night!

1 comment:

  1. So CUTE!!! Thanks again for watching them and next time I'll send more food for Jill!!!