Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ooooohhhh... I'm a Piggy Bank...

Neither Jon nor I mind the noise that certain kid toys can make... which has proven to a helpful thing as a parent! To me, it's just a great reminder that there are little ones living in this house too. There's typically NO NEED for a "reminder"... but either way, we look at it as a blessing!

Larren received a couple of loud gifts for her birthday (from us, none the less... HA!) and I'm glad that instead of hiding the batteries to such toys, we choose to savor the sound!

Take this little guy for example... every time a coin goes in the slot - a song plays.

Or when that big bright red nose is pushed - a song plays.

Or when the door is open or shut - a song plays. 

Larren sure enjoys it... and is getting pretty good at "saving for a rainy day"... so I just wiggle to the beat, right along side of her! And if that's a bad mental picture... I do apologize!

Remember that guitar/violin that Alia gave Larren? I just KNEW Alia had a plan in mind when she picked out that little sucker!

She's been practicing long hours for her upcoming concert...

and if I could only describe how CUTE her little booty shake/hair swinging/guitar flying solo act is...

you'd all want front row seats!

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