Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buh Bye Pancake

Pancake is officially back with her friendly owners! They were down in Texas doing mission work for the past several months and their son was taking care of her. Pancake (a.k.a. Molly!) must have decided she was getting a little lonely, and went out for a 2 mile stroll... to a place with a big front porch that beckoned her!!

Saying "buh bye" to Pancake is both a glad and sad thing. On one hand, we're glad that we no longer need to make the "stay or go" decision... cause Alia and Larren were leaning heavily on ONE SIDE of the spectrum!

She really was a good dog. When we went for walks she stayed right by the girls and I's side. She never jumped up when we went out to see her. And she always said "thank you"... in her own way... when I gave her din-din! 

She was the first thing that Alia looked for in the morning and the last thing she checked on at night!

(And only after seeing these pics, do I realize just HOW OFTEN Alia wears those crazy snow pants! Oh that girl...)

BUT... the whole not-knowing-her-name-thing was starting to become an issue. And I was beginning to realize that I just don't have the time to spend with a dog at this point in life. ESPECIALLY considering it's winter like 60% of the year here!

Needless to say when the owners phoned... I was relieved! Pancake was SO excited to see them when they came! She BURST off the verandah, and to their sides, when she saw the truck. And when the door was opened for her to jump in the backseat, she had absolutely no hesitations!

We got a couple of last minute pictures with her... for good measure and so the girls could say their good byes.

Alia's was short and sweet. She liked Pancake... of course... but she wasn't SUPER DUPER attached to her yet! Plus she was in the middle of a "train ride"... and couldn't be bothered!

But Larren, on the other hand... that girl was in L.O.V.E...

And thankfully the feelings were mutual! Pancake was always so gentle and just endured the little babbling thing... fist fulls, kisses, and all!

I wish I would have captured this shot in all it's goodness... Larren and Pancake were almost nose to nose in a "lovers greeting!"

Alia has asked about Pancake now and then... and at the mere mention of a puppy Larren whips her head around towards the window or "sprints" to the garden door...

but they've been okay! And I'm sure that the owners will have NO PROBLEM letting us come and visit if we so desire.

So... all in all... Pancake was a blessing and a treat to have around! 

Just what we needed to brighten our moods on those cold remaining winter days!

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