Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photo Op Disappointment

A friend called the other day and asked if I could snap a couple pics of her family for a Christmas card. Now... this lady is a talented photographer who takes TONS of great family pictures for OTHER people... but was finding it hard to get a decent one of HER whole family in FRONT of the camera. I totally, TOTALLY get that. Absolutely... so I agreed! BUT, looking back I should have just said, "Thanks for thinking of me, but sorry... I'm just not too grand at taking family pics."

We live and learn right?!

I had some time beforehand to snap a few pics of the area.. and thouroughly enjoyed clicking away at things that DON'T move! (HA... I tell ya, how much easier it would be if I could just hit a "pause button" on Alia and Larren!)

Here's a few of the "still" pics. Nothing fancy. Nothing breathtaking. But I enjoyed taking them... so I'll count them as a thumbs up.

But... I MISSED THE BOAT on the family pics. Missed the boat and was still stuck in traffic... in a different state. I'm not kidding... they're that bad.

As you know I typically don't edit my pics... but the SOOTC shots were just begging to be helped - even if just a LITTLE bit!

Isn't this family just so beautiful!?! The pictures could have, and should have, been wonderful... but goodness, what was I THINKING on some of them?!?! I should have used my tripod, I should have used fill flash, I should have.... you get the idea!

Thankfully I was just taking the pics for the experience and will not be quiting my day job any time soon! I am SO SUPER thankful that my photography skills are not being relied upon to put bread on the table!

I'm, once again, realizing that being a good photographer means NOTHING about what camera is being shot with (though it does help!) and that it's more about recognizing light, making the colors pop to their maximum capacity, photo composition, people placement, and the ability to make the mood of the moment carry over into the photos for years to come.

I'm quite disappointed to leave a friend "in need"... but am very glad for the learning op... even though it's not the easiest one I've ever had!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Is It...

... that kids always LOVE the clothes that are better left worn INSIDE the house... rather than OUT?

These little hand me down boots are her FAV! I almost have her convinced that they are ONLY for snowmobiling and not for wearing to town... simply for the fact that she's tired of her feet getting caught in the shopping cart, not because I'm the best at convincing! Her toes are barely able to move, and the boots don't stay on too swell... but they light up... and that is just "so neat, Mom!"

Choose your battles, right!?!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Festive in the Making

I'm not much of a holiday decorator. It's just never been too high up on my priority list, I guess! BUT... this year it's different! Maybe it's because we are actually going to be here Christmas morning... or maybe it's because kids add a whole new level of excitement to the holidays, but whatever it is... I couldn't WAIT to decorate this year!!!!

I know, I know... I must be losing some of my "Americanness" to decorate BEFORE Thanksgiving - but, what's a girl to do, eh!?

I started getting Alia all pumped up a couple days prior and when Friday morning hit... we were all primed and ready to assemble, wrap, hang, drape, light, and admire!

First things first - the tree!

Now, I can't say too much on this subject... because I've never had a live tree... but I am ALL FOR a FAKE one!! No mess, no watering, no pokey needles, no discard.

Hmmm, fake or real... that is the question?!

OH YEAH... no doubt, we've got a live one here folks!

And really... assembling the tree is half the fun, right?!

Larren "helped" where she could!

But the real fun began when the lights made their appearance!

That's pure wonder there!!

Ever the curious one... she has to figure out how these things work! (She IS her daddy's offspring after all!)

Once Larren was napping the glitz began. Alia did this branch... can ya tell?!?!?!

All decked out and ready for the night life!

The glittery ornaments were BY FAR Alia's favorite!

Cuz... when you rub your hands on them...

... you get pretties!

And you can put them on your pants, your feet...

... or wherever you're needing some extra bling!

And if you just barely graze the tree, like this, as you walk by... Mommy won't even notice! :)

A few of our other little holiday touches...

Even "Oscar" gets to join in the holiday spirit... and yes, that's 6.9 degrees folks! Not to be confused with SIXTY NINE! (Farenheit - I don't switch to Celcius until we hit the negative numbers... which has been happening a bit over the last day or so!)

When Larren woke up she was quite pleased with the tree progress!

Just look at this... the decorations have only been up for an hour and already love is in the air! Alia just couldn't keep from hugging her BFF!

Once everything was in it's place, Alia quietly made her way back to the tree... and layed down to admire her handy work!

She would have napped there all afternoon, had I let her!

We saved the most important decorations to put up with Daddy... my favorite!

And with each piece we explained the Christmas story to Alia...

She thinks it is just SO COOL that we're celebrating Jesus birthday!

And I think it is just SO COOL that we get to experience this special time with our kids... teaching them the true meaning of Christmas and sharing in their joy, excitement, anticipation, and delight!

My cup runneth over!