Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Meow Meow's

So what's your guess? Have the little meow meow's been a big thumbs up at our house?

Or not?!?!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Breaking It In

As some of you may know, we bought two acres right on the edge of our little beloved community! Long story short, it's been about 3 years in the making, and phew.... it feels good to actually have some idea as to what we're doing! 

We invited our fellow friends and "family" over from our little thriving metropolis to have a bonfire... cause what better way to break in a place than with a bonfire, eh?!?

It's so close to our current home that the girls can walk, ride bikes, ride the four wheeler, or ride in the back of daddy's truck to get there!

They set up their lawn chairs.... and then were OFF like a shot to go exploring in "their woods!" 

Here... I'll give you a little tour.

This is the view to the east....

... and this is the view to the south... 

... to the west...

... and to the north!

Two acres is just the right amount for us! It's not too much to mow... we're still able to go traveling every summer... and it's just enough woods for the kids to have their own space in!!

 The food spread was simple... and the fellowship fun!


All in all we hope to make lots more memories at this place... one of the first ones = 16 ticks!!! Eek... I have a feeling I'm going to have to get over my legit tick fear real quick! I can't yell for Jonathan every time the girls or I have one... so here goes nothing!! :)



... three...

... girls...

are growing up!!

And not only are they growing up...

... but they are growing in relationship with each other!!

And that ... well that simply warms a mama's heart!!

I love, that they love, being together... and my prayer is that they are always each others best friends!

Summer Storm

Summer storms are the best eh?! Our girls are JUST getting to the age where they find storms more interesting than frightening! So once the lightening stopped, they were out to play in the rain in no time flat!

I laugh when I see these pics.... because it SO SHOWS each of their personalities.

Alia = always the prepared and cautious one

Larren = carefree and ready to have fun... why bother with a jacket?!?!

Caidrie = a style all of her own!!

The girls felt it was their job to collect as much rain water as possible... so several trips were made to the "watering pond" that Jon has set up to get water for the very few plants that we have!

But their job was mixed in with some fun too, I assure you!

A good opportunity for a little Sunday relaxin' I'd say!

OH... and may I introduce Oreo and Peach Pie .. the newest members of the family!

This girl enjoyed getting muddy and wet the most! She seems pulled to the "water magnets!" aka puddles!

Before long it was just me... swinging away on the porch swing, listening to the rain fall!

 And then this handsome gentleman joined me...  

... AND even agreed to take some silly pics with me!!! What a guy, eh!?!?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lar Bear Turns Five!

Larren composes songs on a very regular basis... and she was running up and down the hall singing this one... so I quickly asked if she wanted to record it!

Jon's parents were coming for her birthday and she couldn't contain her excitement!


Waiting for the birthday girl in the morning... were five flowers, a newborn picture, and a Happy Birthday plate made from a dusting of cocoa!

This is the breakfast of birthday girls... right here!

She approved! :)

Friday mornings are when Caidrie goes to preschool so more often than not, Larren and I have a Mommy - Daughter date of her choosing!! 

We went to the rec centre (they have a free indoor play place there... and this is typically where we go for at least part of our date every Friday!!) and after going round and round on the slide with her, I suggested we go to a new place she'd never been before!!

(She's chewing gum in this pic!!)

It's a new bouncy house and laser tag place in our area....

I felt terrible that I didn't invite one or two friends with us... but Larren usually manages to make friends everywhere we go, and today was no exception!

I think all the little girls were drawn to her fancy outfit! :) I said she could pick out her favorite outfit, that made her feel super duper pretty, to wear on her birthday!! So she chose her flower girl dress from our friends wedding a year (+) ago! 

It didn't last too long before it got ripped in the front from all the running and bouncing... but meh, to keep it in pristine shape just so they can look at it years later, doesn't seem worth it!

She was SO SO SO EXCITED about having Gramma and Grampa here for her birthday supper, and chose tacos.... which is what she requests ANY TIME she has the opportunity!

I went super lazy on a cake... used a gluten free cake mix, made some chocolate frosting... then colored and laminated a kitty face to put on top! :)

Daddy surprised us with a custom gluten free Dairy Queen ice cream cake to make sure all the bases were covered!

We decided to get her only ONE present!! One?!?! That's hard! So apart from what Alia and Caidrie gave her... this is all she had from us!

A letter saying she was going to get...


Here in Manitoba, there aren't too many kittens around in February!! So we explained that the kitties have to be born, then have enough milk from their mama, before we can get them. She was quite okay with it and started picking out names already!!!

Her and Jon have to build the cat house, and we have to get a litter box, food, a couple toys, etc. etc. before they arrive... so it will keep her occupied!! 

Before bed she played her favorite game with Gramma, Grampa and Alia... 

... then called it a wrap!

All in all it was a fun, relaxed day celebrating our new little five year old! Looking forward to enjoying this next year with Larren!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Win-A-Pig Weekend

It's no secret. I LOVE me a good themed party... but instead of focusing on birthday parties this year, we are "making a memory" for each girls birthday celebration! 

So, since Larren is the first birthday in our family... we planned a weekend trip to "Win-a-pig" (which is how Caidrie says Winnipeg!!) to the same hotel we went to last year!

It was great... and what made it even better was that we got to meet up with our friends, Aaron and Charm (and their boys) and Brad and Holly (and their girls)! 

On Friday we arrived at the hotel around 7:30 and jammed as much into one evening as possible!

 Ordered pizza for supper...

Played in the ball area (in PJ's no less!) ...

Did some swimming ...

And since Holly, Charm, Larren, and I all have birthday's in February... we had a little bday party to celebrate!

Larren was the star of the show, of course... and came away with some Doc McStuffins items, one of her favs! (Thanks for the puzzles and DVD Gramma and Grampa W.)

Cupcakes before bed made the girls 11:30 pm (!!!!) bedtime a bit more challenging! But we managed, and the mommies and daddies just had to pull a REALLY late nighter to get sufficient visiting time in!

The next day we ate a wonderful breakfast with our friends at the hotel restaurant... played in the ball area some more... forced naps on our "poor" children (so we could nap!)... and went to the Forks for supper and to walk around a bit!

More swimming was in order when we got back, followed by MORE food! :)

Mad face... 

... and happy face - 1.4 seconds later!

Larren quite enjoyed her bday weekend, I think!

 I had to remind myself, every other minute... that expectations kill joy, and wish that I could have enjoyed myself more... but all in all... memories were made, and that was the goal!

And Larren really got a good deal... this was the weekend BEFORE her bday.. so that meant more celebrating was to come!!