Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the Go...

One of my simple pleasures of the day is watching our new little walker kick it into high gear!

It happens often.... 
- when she takes something she knows she shouldn't. 
- when she's being a tease and just ASKING us to "chase" her. 
- when she hears the bath water running or the toilet flush (tossing toilet paper in either has become a problem!).
- when she's trying to hide something from Alia...

... it's so rippen' adorable! The wibble wobble thing... not tossing toilet paper in the bath tub!

As much as I love watching her "zoom" around, the new independence is a tad bit tough for me! 

Taking Mommy's boots for a spin while Gramma was visiting!

Holding hands just doesn't cut it anymore... and as we know, it only escalates from there! I'm reminded to savor, savor, savor the moment... because soon Mommy and Daddy are not NEAR as cool as they once were!

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  1. Oh I know the feeling already! Since Kelsey has learned to walk she no longer wants to hold my hand and well... it kinda makes me sad. they grow TOO fast!!