Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's That Time of Year...

...  when we're getting antzy! It's not quite warm enough to be outside too long, and it's not quite cold enough that we want to stay inside! So... I've been having to think of a few more "activities" to keep us all sane each day until Jonathan gets home!

Larren was taking a "not normal" 2nd nap, so Alia and I had a rare chance to "craft" together... just the two of us! And it was lovely!

Scones while we're crafting? Just the cherry on top!

So what are your families doing to keep busy during this winter/spring/winter/spring time of year? Any great new game ideas? What about the whole "layer upon layer under the rain coat and galoshes so we can cruise through the mud puddles" thing? Just remember, spring IS around the corner... spring IS around the corner... and we will be soaking up sun before ya know it! :)

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