Friday, March 4, 2011


This week I have simply felt... overwhelmed. Like I'm constantly playing catch up... and it's just. not. enough.

I feel that practically every area of my life is lacking... diet and exercise, house work, cooking, friendships,  being a patient and loving mother, being a supportive wife, sitting at Father God's feet... the list just keeps on rolling.

But today, as the girls were taking a "not-a-minute-too-soon" nap, I stumbled upon this encouraging word from Priscilla Shirer... it's a tad bit old, but still OH SO relevant!

Priscilla said... "God. Will you heighten my spiritual sensitivities... so that my spiritual radar is up... to pick up on when You are invading the usual stuff, and making it unusual. When the natural is going to become the supernatural... cause me to be aware of it."

OH, that is SO my prayer. That the Lord will minister to me while I'm playing with the girls, or folding laundry, or dancing around the kitchen... just thankful we don't have any close neighbors to see my crazy dance moves!

I am so encouraged that God KNOWS me where I'm at... the good, the bad, and the ugly... and that He WANTS to make His strength perfect in my weaknesses. I want Holy Spirit to INVADE my every day, normal life... and make me more aware of the Lord's presence around me.

How about you? How are you going to "look for the supernatural in the natural?" The next time you're playing with the kiddos, ask God to make you aware of Holy Spirit and listen for those little, NEEDED, whisperings from Him.

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