Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Really Growing Up, Isn't She?

Auntie Betty stopped by after work today to whisk Alia away for a night of crafts and smoothies. Wonderful idea, and naturally, Alia was giddy all afternoon! Alia thought Lukey would enjoy the evening out too... so sure, why not... Lukey went along.

Well, I went out for a coffee date with friends, and was surprised that Alia wasn't home and in bed yet when I returned! Turns out... she ASKED to stay the night at Betty's house. Her little wheels started spinning and she. ASKED. if she could just cozy up there for the night!

I mean, it's not a big deal that she stays there, she has before... but this is the first time that she's said... "Ya know, I'm not quite ready to go home yet... mind if I just bunk at your place tonight?"... and that's just so huge to me. As you can probably tell! :)

Maybe she had a hidden agenda in bringing Lukey (and her travel toothbrush, now that I think of it!) along from the get go!

At any rate... I feel like this is her first real sleep over. Almost a right of passage or something. She wasn't afraid or missing Mommy and Daddy... she just called Jon and informed him that she wouldn't be home til mornin'!! Betty thought for sure she would change her mind... but nope... she was sawing logs when I called to check in on her!

I'm really having one of those "But... but... this is my baby... " kinda moments! Know what I mean?



Well, regardless, thanks for letting me chatter awhile! I know she'd be sleeping right now... but still, the house feels quite empty without my girl!

I have no doubts that she'll be happy as a lark when she gets home in the morning... so it's absolutely worth the night apart! And... it's worth the reminder that we are blessed to have the "family" here that we do!

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