Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Meow Meow's

So what's your guess? Have the little meow meow's been a big thumbs up at our house?

Or not?!?!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Breaking It In

As some of you may know, we bought two acres right on the edge of our little beloved community! Long story short, it's been about 3 years in the making, and phew.... it feels good to actually have some idea as to what we're doing! 

We invited our fellow friends and "family" over from our little thriving metropolis to have a bonfire... cause what better way to break in a place than with a bonfire, eh?!?

It's so close to our current home that the girls can walk, ride bikes, ride the four wheeler, or ride in the back of daddy's truck to get there!

They set up their lawn chairs.... and then were OFF like a shot to go exploring in "their woods!" 

Here... I'll give you a little tour.

This is the view to the east....

... and this is the view to the south... 

... to the west...

... and to the north!

Two acres is just the right amount for us! It's not too much to mow... we're still able to go traveling every summer... and it's just enough woods for the kids to have their own space in!!

 The food spread was simple... and the fellowship fun!


All in all we hope to make lots more memories at this place... one of the first ones = 16 ticks!!! Eek... I have a feeling I'm going to have to get over my legit tick fear real quick! I can't yell for Jonathan every time the girls or I have one... so here goes nothing!! :)



... three...

... girls...

are growing up!!

And not only are they growing up...

... but they are growing in relationship with each other!!

And that ... well that simply warms a mama's heart!!

I love, that they love, being together... and my prayer is that they are always each others best friends!

Summer Storm

Summer storms are the best eh?! Our girls are JUST getting to the age where they find storms more interesting than frightening! So once the lightening stopped, they were out to play in the rain in no time flat!

I laugh when I see these pics.... because it SO SHOWS each of their personalities.

Alia = always the prepared and cautious one

Larren = carefree and ready to have fun... why bother with a jacket?!?!

Caidrie = a style all of her own!!

The girls felt it was their job to collect as much rain water as possible... so several trips were made to the "watering pond" that Jon has set up to get water for the very few plants that we have!

But their job was mixed in with some fun too, I assure you!

A good opportunity for a little Sunday relaxin' I'd say!

OH... and may I introduce Oreo and Peach Pie .. the newest members of the family!

This girl enjoyed getting muddy and wet the most! She seems pulled to the "water magnets!" aka puddles!

Before long it was just me... swinging away on the porch swing, listening to the rain fall!

 And then this handsome gentleman joined me...  

... AND even agreed to take some silly pics with me!!! What a guy, eh!?!?