Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1 Timothy 6:6
... Godliness with contentment is great gain...

I'm realizing that I struggle with contentment. 

I haven't really noticed it until recently... but am now seeing how it affects SO many areas of my life.

* Food  - I'm not content to simply eat until I'm satisfied... I eat until I've eaten too much or one too many. 
 I am learning to be thankful for each flavor and to look at food as simple sustenance... not as a "love affair".

* My Mom Bod - I'm not content with the changes in my body since having children... even though I would NEVER trade my two girls for a second. (And am realizing that it's a mixture of both "mom bod" and "my own bad choices bod" that I'm not happy about.)
I am making an effort to make exercise a part of my life and realizing that my bikini days are over!

* Our House - I'm not content with living in this small house even though it's renovated, cozy, and completely paid for. 
I LOVE the area we live in and believe that God has provided this place for us... and when He's ready HE will provide the next one.

* Living Here in Canada - I'm simply not content to be living in Manitoba. I constantly yearn to be "at home"... a place where I feel like I belong, can be completely myself, and have tons of family and friends at our "disposal". 
I am realizing that we do have several people here that really care about us, and that I need to TRY to belong ... it won't just magically happen.

* Clothes - I'm not content with the amount of clothes in my closet or the way they fit. 
I'm thankful that I have what I need and that we don't "charge it" to buy the greatest and latest.

* Talents and Gifts - I'm not content with the talents and gifts I have... I am always wishing I had someone else's. 
I need to use the gifts and talents I DO HAVE in order for the Lord to grow them and make them more "pleasing" to both Him and I.

Photo by Jenaya MacKinnon

So... today is my first day of... 

Operation : Contentment or Complaintment 
(yes, I realize "complaintment" isn't a real word!)

- Even though it's freezing cold outside, I'm happy that Spring is coming!

- Even though we still live in a SMALL house, I'm thankful that it's ours.

- Even though we don't have a dishwasher, I'll look at washing dishes as a "warm up / spa treatment" for my hands!

- Even though my clothes dryer is on the fritz, I absolutely LOVE hanging up laundry... and have little desire to "go back".

- Even though my hair is frizzier than a poodle in July today ... I'm glad it's curly!

- Even though my clothes are a little snugger than desired... I'll wear lots of layers and suck it in as much as possible!

- Even though my girls have a tad more attitude than I would like, I love each of their little personalities!

- Even though Jon and I's relationship wouldn't pass a "marriage book inspection", he loves me... he thinks I'm doing a fabulous job as a mother... he would choose to marry me again... and has told me over and over that we're in this together.

And that, my friends, can make me float on air for days!


  1. Oh Renee... I think that you've read my heart and my mind. I can relate to everything you've just written!! I struggle so often with looking at the positive and not on the negative... thank you for the reminder!!

  2. Bonnie and Evan Giesbrecht saidMarch 9, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    Thank you for sharing. It felt like i was reading something from a beautiful Hallmark card. The negative is often so quick to show up in our minds, but there is beauty, value and strength in seeing the positive side of everything in life. Be blessed girl!

  3. I just came back from a couple hours of shopping for a wedding this weekend and let me tell ya, I was pretty down when I came home. I hate it what it does to ones self esteem when nothing fits! Praise the Lord for the clothes I Do have!
    Love and Miss you guys!

  4. Maybe it's selfish... but I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with this! Thank you for being real ladies and for the reminder that we're all striving for the same goal! We're in this together... if we WANT TO BE! Each of you are a HUGE blessing to so many around you!

  5. Your "spa treatment" and "poodle in july" comments had me laughing. And I really liked your last comment about you and Jon.

    Love to you, me dear.

  6. Renee, I just love this post. Isn't this the case for so many of us. I appreciate your honest and love that someone is "saying it". Be encouraged. You are not alone :)