Thursday, March 26, 2009

Florida... Dream Vacation??

We've bought, packed, tanned, planned, hoped, and waited... and now it's here. We leave tomorrow. Well, we're SUPPOSED to leave tomorrow! As I write, the snow is whirling around and continues to grace us with it's presence. Fargo is under a state of emergency due to flooding, and the highways from here to Minneapolis are shut down in a number of places. We decided to fly out of Minneapolis to save some major mulah, and didn't think 8 hours of driving was that bad. Now I am totally regretting that decision. Not the saving money part, but the driving part. I have no idea how we're getting down there. I guess head East until things start clearing up, then turn South and hope we're near the airport! Thankfully Jon is taking care of the getting-there-part. I actually stopped packing today because I honestly didn't see how this vacation thing would work. But Jon called within a few minutes of that, and was full of optimism. I am so glad that he sees the positive in every situation!!!
So... pray for us if you remember. We're heading out tomorrow at 2 pm,and our flight leaves Saturday morning. Florida will be a very very welcome sight...

The Things that Come Out of my Mouth...

Today, as I was picking up something from a friend's house, I made a disturbing comment. She too had the same "problem" with her daughter being small when she was Alia's age. During the course of our conversation I said "Yeah... Alia looks a little retarded when she's wearing pants that are too short." How could I say something like that about my own daughter? And ya know what? I didn't say it just once, but found myself saying it twice. When I got in the vehicle I was appalled. Ali always looks cute in my eyes... whether she's buck naked or dressed to the nines. And more so... the word "retarded" is such an insensitive word to use.
The more I thought about it the more I realized that comment was said out of what other people think... not what I think. I know... this isn't really a big deal, but for some reason it's opened my eyes a little.
I hate that I care so much about what other people think. My husband doesn't care and is himself no matter the situation. If I could just get that, then my life would be radically different. The freedom that comes from living for an audience of One...
But on a different note... Alia tried macaroni and cheese for the first time today and LOVED it! She couldn't get enough! It totally made my day...
Oh... and here's a pic of Alia's "short" pants...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've done it, am doing it, will be doing it... whatever! I'm a Pampered Chef consultant. I've been thinking about it for a long time and finally decided now is the time. I'm quite excited about it! Although today I've been feeling very "stay-at-home-momish" since making this decision.
I've really been needing something else. I love staying home with Alia... but I need more to my day than cleaning, laundry, peek a boo, and the ever classic "it's already 4:30 and I haven't started dinner". No, I know this won't magically complete my life, but it will at least give me goals that I can work for, time away from the house, etc.
I'm really looking forward to this!! I don't care about making money... just the little extra challenge will be welcomed!
So, wish me "luck" and let the cooking begin!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping... or the lack there of

Today was possibly the most disappointing shopping day ever. Actually... now that I think about it... there have been VERY VERY few successful shopping trips since the arrival of our little Pinkster Pants. I think it's because I'm always rushed. Always... even when someone else is watching Alia and tells me to take my time... I still feel rushed. And it doesn't help that we live so far from any mentionable shopping facilities. Anyhow - I'm sad about my excursion today.
My goal was to find a new car seat (as Alia is definitely pushing the limits in hers), an umbrella stroller for Florida, and a few clothes items for me and my girl. That's not a huge daunting list. But I came home with 1 pair of pants for the kiddo and 2 gifts for other people's kiddos. I can't help but pout a little just thinking about it!
I've never been the crazy shopping type... I'm too frugal for that... but I think just the occasional non-grocery shopping adventure would be nice. For the past 7 years I have lived at LEAST 1 1/2 hours from a decent mall, and my wardrobe is showing it!
Anyhow... internet shopping here we come - again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vista Re-visit...

So it turns out that Vista Print didn't know I like music after all... Jen and Matt did!! Remember the "free" package that I got around my birthday? It was from Jon's sister and brother-in-law!! At any rate, I am still blessed by all the goodies and we got a good chuckle over the misunderstanding! I am amazed at Jen and Matt's thoughtfulness... they always know the perfect gift to give!

Spring Fashion Show

Clothes wise it has always been a bit annoying that Alia is small for her age. There are benefits in other areas... but it's frustrating to buy clothes for a certain season, just to have them be too big! For instance, I just bought a bunch of spring/summer clothes from Kohls (they had a FANTASTIC sale!), only to find that none of them will fit Alia for our Florida trip. As I was making room in her closet, I found quite a few summer 3-6 month outfits that we had been given. I thought I would be saving them for the next babe, but low and behold, they fit!! So this morning we had a fashion show of her new vacation wardrobe! She was actually a pretty good sport about the whole thing... she got her "dream" of running around in a diaper for awhile and I got to "oohh and ahhh" about how cute she is!
Ali also discovered a few of her birthday presents in the closet! I don't think she'll care, nor remember, in a few months when she unwraps them... but it was fun to see her playing with them in the boxes! In the midst of clothing all over the floor she also managed to find a dead fly, then proceeded to taste it. I almost got sick! We got it all out of her mouth, I think, and I made her drink lots of water... oh it was gross! How can these little tikes find everything they aren't supposed to?!?
This afternoon I tried on several summer dresses for our trip. Yeah... it wasn't quite as fun as the morning modeling session. I don't take after my daughter in the smallness department, and was quite disappointed to find that my favorite, favorite, favorite black dress will no longer zip up completely. *sigh* What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picky, Picky...

So... I think we might have a picky eater on our hands. I've said that a picky eater will go mighty hungry at our home and I'm sure my parents are just busting a gut about now! Ya see... I have a small reputation in our family as being a tad picky, and a bit stubborn as a child, but I've long since grown out of it!!!! The story goes (and okay, fine...I do have a few memories that I try to forget!) that I would sit hours upon hours just to avoid eating the meat on my plate. I still remember sitting under this bright "interigation" lamp in the kitchen watching the rest of my family enjoy their evening, while I sat yawning until bedtime! Anyhow...
Up to this point Alia has been such a great eater. I've actually been surprised how easy it's been for her to try new tastes! But, with a new day comes new challenges! If Ali could just eat Cheerio's, bananas, and cheese she would be a happy girl. It's everything else that she turns up her little nose at and gives you this "You want me to eat what" look.
Last night Jon tried to get just one piece of broccoli in her mouth. Alia twisted and turned, flailed her little arms, shook her head back and forth at 20 mph, spit repeatedly, and grumbled loudly in protest. Finally Jon got the broccoli in, leaned back in triumph... and Alia spit it out. She's smart ya know. She figured she would at least humor Daddy, but she has to get the last word in!
So, I too will blame this new phase on teething and hope that it will pass. Until then... each meal time is a new drama to be enjoyed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ped Egg

So my feet have been really bad for awhile now. I got a pedicure this past summer and the pedicurist (?) was "in awe" of how bad my calluses and dry skin were. I like to think it was "awe" but one should probably insert "grossed out" there. Anyhow... they were bad. I have been quite embarrassed by them for awhile now, but not any more!
Jon got me a Ped Egg for my birthday (correction, I ordered it and then said it was from him for my birthday!!). It's a wonderful little contraption! It arrived in the mail yesterday... it was a little delayed thanks to good ole' Canadian customs. So last night, after Alia went to bed, I had a Ped Egg party. WOW! It took me all night just to do 1 1/2 feet... I didn't quite get the 2nd one done. But what a difference! Jon was very impressed, to say the least (although he referred to it as a cheese grater, which was a little disturbing)!
Plus, I watched Anne of Green Gables while filing away.... what a terrific evening!
All in all, I think I would gladly be on a Ped Egg infomercial if asked. It really is that great of a product. Cheap, no pain, wonderful results, voila... I'm convinced!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Late Nights

So last night Alia was up from 11:30 pm to 3 am. This is definetely not normal for her, so I feel like I'm a bit of a wuss about it... I like my 8 hours of sleep, let's just put it that way!
I have no idea what the drama was about... gas, teething, or just a Goldfish craving... only Ali knows and she's not telling. I've realized that it's not so much the being up part that is frustrating, it's the disappointment of hearing her cry, again, after being in bed for 3 minutes.
My best didn't come out last night. I was plain mad. At Jon for snoring while I'm up (although in his defence he did get up a few times too), at the computer for not turning on when browsing would have been fun about then, and at this babe for not closing those sweet eyes of hers. And yes, I was mad at myself too. Why can't I be the patient, gentle, soothing mother when the night stars blaze? Or just half the time... I would take that even!
It's mornings like this that I feel like such a bad mom... and it's not a lovely feeling. Last night, as I was complaining to God about a whole host of things, I remembered that each day is a new day. AAHHHH! That's music for my soul and for my sanity. I am so encouraged by that fact!
So instead of fuming and rocking harder by the hour, Alia and I had a little tea party. Okay... there was no tea, at all... but we whipped out the sippy cup, Goldfish, and Cheez-its. I figured we both deserved a break. So we rocked away by the glow of the night light and nibbled to our hearts content. As a result we both went to bed happier (though I was a bit guilty for eating in the middle of the night!).
This morn Alia work up with a bright smile and squeals of delight... it's amazing how quickly I can forget the frustration in the light of a beautiful smile!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I think I’ve reached adulthood. Instead of being completely spoiled on my birthday (which, this will sound selfish… is usually what has happened!) I spent most the day tearing out our bathroom floor, helping with installation and cleaning up from the mess. In the end I was very pleased with the results… but I have to admit, I was pretty pouty during the process! Once we were finished with the floor we all boogied to get ready, and headed into town for dinner and a little shopping! It was so fun... I just love strolling through the aisles with my little family and no agenda! For supper we went to a Mennonite buffet… YUM… so good! We sat kinda close to the serving line and Alia had a ball making faces at everyone as they passed. I honestly think she thought they were coming to see her!
Someone had written me a message earlier in the day saying “Keep your eyes and ears open, because God wants to bless you today.” I thought to myself, “Ha… I’m cleaning all day, how can He bless me in that?” Anyhow… as we were eating our supper an older gentleman, that Jon hasn’t seen in a while, came to chat with us. As they were talking he opened his wallet, pulled out a $20… completely out of the blue… and tossed it on the table. Jon asked what he was doing and he just said he felt that he should pay for our supper, or at least part of it. Jon said that he didn’t have to and all that… and finally just said “Thanks”. Jon said it was my birthday and we were out celebrating. This made the guy smile and he just said “Be blessed.” So… God has a way of spoiling us, even when we don't think it's possible! The act of paying for our supper was a simple gesture… but I was/am oh so thankful!

Escape Artist

Oh this girl… she’s a clever one! I figured, ya know what… it’s time she has some good ole’ play-by-herself time. Mind you, we don’t have a baby gate- I have never wanted one, still don’t and will try to avoid it at all costs. That being said… I think I might need to reconsider. Anyhow, I made a “gate” in the living room with her exersaucer and her bouncy chair. Kinda lame, I know… but they were the closest usuable items. Well low and behold… this smarty pants figured out that if she crawled in between the legs of the exersaucer she was home free. So, she outsmarted me… even after three adaptations!!
All day it’s been her discovering new cupboards, and “no, no” items! I thought the living room was safe… think again. She found the games/DVD cupboard. I peeked into the L.R. expecting to find a little angel playing quietly with her toys… instead I found her sorting through card games. And she was going straight to Daddy’s Dukes of Hazzard DVD’s next. He wouldn’t have been impressed! So… now we’re learning that the entertainment center is off limits!
As I write this she is upstairs “napping”. I hear her talking away and having a grand time. She has discovered she can stand up in her crib. Yes, it’s a quite cute, but what a pain! For the last 20 minutes (the whole time she would normally be napping) she stands up, I check on her, lay her back down, then she stands up, and I check on her… and the cycle continues. So I moved her to her Pac N Play (with higher sides… the crib needs to be lowered TONIGHT!) and am just letting her go!
She’s a mover and shaker I tell ya. So… I’m on my toes! And yes… it’s more work… but it’s fun!