Monday, March 21, 2011


Larren's at the age of constant discovery... and constant mischief! Which is both a blessing and a curse, I might add! Some days I just smile and shake my head, while other days I yell a little too much and hug much too little... and truthfully, today I'm leaning towards the latter!

She's discovered climbing. Climbing on the coffee table, climbing on the girls' table & chair set, climbing on their little picnic table (that is being kept in the basement!), climbing on the night stand, climbing on... the list just keeps on rolling!

Well... Alia wanted to broaden her sisters horizons, and showed her that it is much more beneficial to climb on something that is near to an object you actually WANT to reach. Novel idea, eh!? :)

It didn't take long for Larren to catch on...

Don't let her innocent little looks fool you...

... she's a girl with a mission!

And that "mission" usually involves quite a destructive wake (for Mommy to clean up) where ever it goes!

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