Monday, March 7, 2011

There's a New Dog in Town...

and he's decided to make our front porch his home! 

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and attempted to get him off with a broom. (I know... I know... my family is probably gasping in disgust at this point BUT here me out!) You see... Alia likes to play on the verandah / outside by herself on occasion, and having a stray dog around doesn't exactly scream SAFE.

My scare tactic kept him away for all-of-a good 20 seconds... so, I figured I would just let Jon give the dog a lesson when he got home. 

But throughout the day the girls and I found ourselves getting a tad bit attached to him! 

Even as I swished him with a broom he was super gentle and kind. He "protected" our place all day and just basked in the sunshine on his "off duty" hours! When Jon came home the dog wagged his tail and ran out to greet "his master". We decided we'd let him stay on the porch overnight and see if he was gone by morning...

he wasn't. He slept by the front door ALL night, and was super duper cold and shivering in the morning. SO, we got out some freezer burnt beef bones for him and gave him a hearty breakfast... not the best idea for getting rid of a dog, but we were feeling pretty bad for him at this point! As the weekend progressed, we found ourselves liking the furry canine a little more and more!

He's obedient when we tell him something.
He's gentle with us and the girls.
He keeps other dogs off our yard.
He announces when someone comes on the drive.

I have posted a lost and found ad on our community internet site... so we'll see if someone claims him. If not... well, I don't know! We travel too much to have a dog, and I really don't want to buy dog food, pay vet bills, or have all the responsibility that a dog requires. He sure is nice to have around... but as of now... I think he's gonna be dusting off his suitcase in the near future!

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  1. He's SO cute! I would totally keep him! :) Of course if it was up to me I'd have a whole bunch of dogs (if we had a yard of course)... but if you don't want him I hope u find his previous owners :)