Thursday, March 3, 2011

This blog...

... is called Kreiser Connections. And that really is my desire.... connection.

I focus so much on the girls here, and what they are doing... but have realized, that there may be a small number of you who want to stay connected with us (a.k.a. ME - because I highly doubt Jon will be blogging anytime soon!) as individuals too... not just as parents.

So... I am going to try to be more real about who I am, and where I'm at. 

Sound okay?

BUT... hearing from you, as family and friends, is part of the whole "connection process!" So PLEASE!!!!!! tell me what you and your family are up to,  a new recipe that you've tried, your summer plans, how your week is going... anything that will help us keep the connection going. 

Know that I value you in our lives. More than you know.  


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about you. Also, I vote you have Jon take a few more pictures of you and post them here so we can see your lovely face!

  2. Mmmmmm... thanks Chelle. I was hoping you'd be one of the "few"!

    BUT now... I'm honestly wondering why I volunteered to be so open. It's hard. And it will totally change the "feel" of this blog, perhaps. The girls are so curious, carefree,fun loving and beautiful. But I don't feel any of those things. Most days it's the same old, same old... and I'm saddened by that.

    SO... I guess I'm gonna have to dig a little deeper for something "blog worthy". We'll see. I'm feeling like quite a chicken right about now.

    At any rate... you've blessed me, and for that I smile!