Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Canada...

... we teach the kidlings to shovel snow at an early age!

 Cause for goodness sake, this mama doesn't wanna be outside in the cold any more than she has to be! :)

Little Love Notes

Alia has been learning how to read/write and it's been fun to see what she comes up with! 

 An extra parent perk... ... finding little love notes left for us around the house!

 This one was waiting for me on the bathroom counter as I got ready Saturday morning! :)

Merry Magnets

Every year we take a "sisters pic" of all our little ladies to put on a magnet for family and friends. And I love how each year the girls' personalities shine through! 

 Here are a couple snapshots of our 5 minute photo shoot from this year! And being as I completely forgot about ordering them until the last minute it was a - "Hey girls, sit here and smile!" in whatever outfits they had on - type deal! 

 The two big girls were great about the whole thing...  

... could be because I bribed them with a piece of candy for when we were finished... :)

... but the littlest lady, not as much!

She was more interested in the items I gave her to keep from diving off the chair...

... than in actually smiling at the crazy waving lady with the camera!

So in the end... here's the "Merry Magnet" winner of the year! 

Every time I look at it I can't help but chuckle a bit! :)

Daughter #1 ...

... daughter #2

... and daughter # 3!

My oh my... we. are. so. blessed!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Here Cowgirl...

... has got the horse fever bad!

And shhhh, no one tell her that pajamas and cowboy boots aren't in this season! :)

I've Yet to Get...

... a baby gate for any of our children and I refuse to now, so once in a blue moon I have to improvise!

It buys me... oh, say 10 minutes or so!

And some days... I'll take any extra minutes I can get a hold of!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Girls Helped Decorate the Christmas Tree...

Can you tell?!?! :)

Little Things...

... like, "Look Mom! I'm making an 'N' with my foot!"

... make my day a little more smiley!


Savoring that cute little baby bum stuck high in the air while she dreams! 

Sunshiney Shin Dig

My oh my... where did I leave you last?!?! Ahhh, yes! The biggest peanut was cruising around the yard on her four wheeler... the middle maiden was sweetening up by the second... and the little lady was strolling all over the house with a trail of evidence behind her!

That same little lady also had a big birthday par-tay a couple Sundays ago!! Seeing as last minute is how I usually role and I'd already gone through the work of painting a "You are My Sunshine" canvas for the girls room this past spring... the "You are My Sunshine" theme just seemed to come together! We invited our closest friends and nearest family and had a grand ole' sunshiney shin dig! 

We got bright yellow flowery headbands for all the littlest party attenders to take home with them... and they all seemed to like them, except one! The birthday girl herself! There was just no chance she was going to be seen with a yellow flower on her head... no way, no how!

And she wasn't too keen on picture taking either! :)

Decor was kept simple... as always!

I used the sign from the girls bedroom... made some scrapbook paper garland to hang all over the place... 
and just added bits of yellow to add festive fun where I could!

And found this great FREE printable that went along perfectly for the party!

The menu consisted of deviled eggs (it's the first thing I thought of to go with the yellow theme!), cheese, chips, veggies, crescents and chicken salad...

... and of course, CUPCAKES!

We had both regular and gluten free to accommodate all in attendance!

The birthday girl was overwhelmingly a fan of her gluten free one!

And had a crazy sugar high until 10 pm to prove it! :)

Okay... so if you don't remember, we have a really small house! And our closest friends and family come out to about 30 people. Which means that the birthday party was pretty much standing room or sit on each other's lap room only!!

 The kids hung out at the kids table (in dress up clothes, of course!)... 

... and the adults simply found space wherever they could! (And as we've done with parties in the past... the guys got "banished" to the basement. What can I say? They don't complain as long as their plates are full!)

Sadly, it was after this party that we declared it to be our last in our present house! We will need to be looking for alternatives in the near future!

Anyhow... back to the sunshiney shin dig... we are blessed! SO BLESSED!

Caidrie got a crazy amount of gifts, all filled with love... and cared more about the small package of Popcorn Twists she received than any of the other nicely wrapped gifts after that! So big sisters stepped in and gave her a helping hand!

Again... it was fun! It was tight! But it was worth it to celebrate our favorite littlest lady's first trip around the sun!

My oh my we are blessed... have I mentioned that?!?! :)