Thursday, May 31, 2012

Swimming in Steinbach

Long weekend in May is usually the first weekend folks go camping and break out the bonfires... ya know, summer stuff. But most years, it's ANYTHING but summer weather! So this year we decided to take a little mini vacation and head to Steinbach for a quick stay in a hotel with a pool/water slide. 

We arrived at the hotel, hurriedly changed into swimsuits and then practically RAN to the pool area! :) After two little toes were dipped in the pool the decision was made that the hot tub would be a good first stop instead!

The girls have been on their fair share of water slides but this one was by far the "twirliest" in the shortest amount of distance... which equals going faster than they were used to!

But as you can guess... it was a hit!

And it was no surprise that Larren, our daring "like daddy like daughter" girl, was the one who just couldn't get enough of it!

Alia was content to don her swimmies and do olympic laps around the pool!

With the occasional high "jump" for good measure!

Caidrie... well, she tried her hardest... she really did.

Her and Daddy gave it a good go...

... but when it came down to it, this is where she'd rather be.

Hanging out at the edge of the pool with Mommy!

Since it was Alia's birthday week she got to choose where to have supper that night. We passed Bumpers on the way to our hotel and  Alia knew EXACTLY where she wanted to go! The place with the red roof and all the flags! :) 

(This picture is for you Uncle Josh!!)

It's an order-then-go-pick-it-up-at-the-window kinda place, and although the atmosphere was fun... sadly it's probably not a place we'd go back to. (Which considering I've only been to Steinbach 3 times in 6 years... shouldn't be a problem!)

While our supper was being picked up and "delivered" Caidrie and I had a little heart to heart... with the camera! 

When asked to smile this is the response I get nowadays. Consider yourself warned... perfectly posed smiling pictures are a thing of the past!

Or the ever classic, "How's your hot dog, Alia?" response.

The up side of this hang out was all the cool old vehicles in the parking lot. There was at least one happy person in our clan about that little tid bit! (And I sure didn't mind either!)

Instead of "Where's Waldo?"... let's play "Where's Jonathan!?"

We met up with some of our good friends, Aaron and Charm, at the pool again after supper... then onto the "adventure" of putting three kids down for bedtime in one hotel room! 

The next morning we had the continental breakfast in our room...

... with some camera/mirror goofiness...

... and then it was time to hit the pool one last time!

Alia had seen some pennies at the bottom of the pool the night before, so this time she was REALLY prepared!

Her goggles worked great... she was say "Go find one Daddy!"... 

... and then got paid handsomely for doing so!! :)

We thought maybe Caidrie would be willing to give the pool another shot... but as you can see, uhhh, not so much!

She preferred two stepping with Mommy instead. (Did I mention that we pretty much had the pool to ourselves the whole time?! It was wonderful! Thus the reason Mommy could two step in her bathing suit without a care in the world!!)

And what would a trip be without stopping to take a picture of a "dream house?!" (My fantastic husband is so obliging! He even did a U-turn, with a trailer, for this one!)

So yeah... it was a great trip!! We came home with some lovely memories... and a four wheeler. Come on... you didn't think Jon would come home empty handed from such an excursion did you??! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012


If the early bird gets the worm...

... than the night owl gets a good read!

Alia's Four... Interview Style

We've started a new birthday tradition... and since Alia's answers to these yearly questions made me smile, I thought I'd share them with you too! :)

Alia's Birthday Questions
- - Age: Four - - 
May 25, 2012

  • My favorite phrase is: "Give a hug ladybug" and "See ya soon little racoon"
  • My favorite food is: Macaroni and cheese
  • The coolest person on earth is: Jesus
  • When I grow up I'm going to be: an animal feeder & a farmer
  • My favorite color is: purple
  • My favorite song is: E-I-E-I-O
  • When I'm outside I love to: slide & go to the park
  • If I could go ANYWHERE in the world, I'd go: to Superstore (it's a nearby grocery store!)
  • When I was little I used to: drink Mommy's milk
  • My best friend is: Jessica, Jenna, and Chloe
  • My favorite snack is: Dunkaroo's
  • My favorite movie/show is: Baby Einstein & Thomas the Train
  • My favorite thing to do with my sisters is: Watch a movie
  • I love the book: Strawberry Shortcake
  • My favorite toy is: My play puppy
  • My favorite outfit is: My teal tights and teal/brown flower shirt
  • The best game to play is: Candy Land
  • My favorite thing to drink is: Caterpillar juice (the green juice we had at Larren's party)
  • The coolest animal is a: Horsey name Cooper (see here!)
  • My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is: pancakes with sprinkles
  • For my birthday supper I would like to have: cucumbers & farmers sausage
  • My favorite thing to take to bed with me at night is: Lukey
  • My favorite thing to learn about is: ABC's and learning to read

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farm Girls... for an Evening

Last weekend Jer and Joe invited us all down to their place for a family supper and a peek at the farm! The girls hadn't seen the baby calves or baby kitties yet so this was a treat indeed!

Meet : Eva, the milk cow

She gave the girls a lesson in where their milk comes from... which has been brought up in numerous  breakfast convos since then!

Two little calves reporting for weigh in!

Off to help Auntie Jer clean the milk...

... then back to discuss cattle with Uncle Joe!

Larren couldn't get over all the crumbs on this ones face... the need for a napkin was recommended to him several times!

Farm girls they may not be... but country girls, now we've got that part covered!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

High Rider

A Spot of Tea

Caidrie's first tea party, of MANY, with her sisters!

The girls taught her all the important components of a successful tea party! For example... that pouring tea through a funnel is the ONLY way to have it!

We're nothing but proper around here, can ya tell?! :)

Birthday Ride

Auntie Jer called a couple of weeks ago and said she had a fabulous idea for Alia's birthday gift this year! She wanted to keep it a surprise and I tell ya... 

... were the girls ever shocked!

When asked what the surprise was... neither of them could even speak! Finally Larren was able to spit out  "HORSEY!" ... while Alia just stood there in amazement!

She couldn't wait to be back in the saddle again and wasted no time in getting familiar with a new horse!

Of course... sister see, sister do, right?!

Larren enjoyed "leading" Cooper just as much as riding him, I think!

Time for a "sister's spin!"

Then Auntie Jer asked the girls if Daddy should go for a ride too! The only rule... no rear mounts or trick riding! :)

Cooper was rewarded with lots of long fresh grass to eat between rides! 

Yeah, that's right... uh... um... we didn't mow because we knew Cooper was coming! That's our story and we're sticking to it!! :)

Larren was especially affectionate with her thank you's to Cooper! She tried a kiss on the nose but Cooper thought a hug was sufficient enough! :)

All too soon it was time for Cooper to be led (by many willing volunteers... the poor guy!) back to the trailer for his continued journey to the valley!

After one (or two, or three!) last goodbye's he was off!

And no sooner had Auntie Jer left... when a new horse & cowgirl appeared!

Their wooden stick horse, complete with string halter, has been lead around the house ever since! :)

** Thanks again Auntie Jer! This was a FANTASTIC birthday gift, indeed! **