Thursday, January 29, 2009

A glimpse of what's to come...

As most of you know I’m quite a tidy person… I like to have everything in its place and can get stressed easily when things are disorganized! Well, God (with Alia's help) is teaching me that messes are not only okay, but a part of life.

Today I came around the corner to see Alia pulling out dish towels one by one from the cupboard! She’s been opening and closing that drawer for weeks now but never bothered to check what was inside. Really I could care less about refolding a few towels (and she’s just so cute as she takes them out!) but it’s a glimpse of what’s ahead. My world is about to get a little dirtier and a little more cluttered perhaps … but I love it! There will always be nap time when I can run around the house picking stuff up, just so I can pick it up again later… but it’s a job I’m definitely glad I signed up for!

... but it's got a lifetime warranty!

Alia had the pleasure of attending her 1st Tupperware party last Wednesday night. She got a little too excited and did a nose dive into the coffee table, thus also experiencing her 1st fat lip! Due to the traumatic events of the evening I decided I would just bring the catalog home to take a better look. It ended up being a costly mistake! I figured on just buying a thing or two, nope… Jon is secretly a Tupperware fan (his mother trained him well!). Since modular mates were on sale and they “have a lifetime warranty” (Jon's big selling point) our kitchen will be well organized!

Sun Dogs and Sleigh Rides

Upon moving to MB I have discovered what “sun dogs” are. They are bright rings on either side of the sun that only come out when it’s really, really cold!! Since we don’t own a thermometer (we have just never really felt the need for one, I guess) I have learned to gage whether I’m going outside or not based upon what the dogs are doing!

The past two weeks have been a little warmer so last weekend we enjoyed Alia's first sleigh ride! She couldn’t stop smiling, or put her arms down, thanks to the many many layers that Mommy put her in! It was so much fun!

Officially a blogger

2009 is the year of relationships for me. I want to not just maintain them, but go deeper. Go deeper with God, family, friends, and maybe even the cashier at Co-Op. I want to make relationships more of a priority and not something I take for granted. So… this blog is a way of doing that. It will hopefully keep you more connected to our family, and in turn keep us more connected to you. I’m so excited, and a little nervous, about giving you an inside look at our lives… but here we go!