Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saturday Special

A Saturday with absolutely nothing going on? Yes, please!

I love those kind!

It's becoming a regular occurrence around these parts, for quite some time now... that on Saturday mornings Jon and I are treated to breakfast made my our little lovelies!

This particular morning I said "How about no pancakes or waffles!?!?" (since there is usually a hefty mess that follows... and I'm cleaning up till noon!) ... So the menu was fruit and sugar cereal instead!! 

Jon has taught the girls to make faces or fun pictures when arranging food on a plate... so a "cheeky smile face" greeted us this past Saturday! Made completely by Larren!

Know what Alia's new specialty is?!

2 cups of coffee just for mama! :) Mmmm, what a great smell!

(See what a hit your coffee cup is Auntie Erin?!?!)

The girls had some much anticipated time on their snow mobile! It's either been too cold, or not enough snow to get it out much this winter... so they were PUM-PED! 

Even Larren took a turn. She's growing up... and doesn't gun it as soon as her toosh hits the seat! She's becoming quite responsible!

All in all... a good, relaxed Saturday! 

And we're only a couple days from another one! YAY!!

Dancing and Dishes

I don't have a dishwasher... it's true!! And I have a problem with my kitchen counters being messy... so I do dishes. A lot. 

Thankfully the girls are great dish dryers and putter away-ers... and when I get that feeling of "UGH! Dishes... AGAIN!!!!"... we crank up the music and get grooving!

This week's special... Rend Collective - Lighthouse!

I didn't realize how much I played it until Caidrie started singing the whole chorus on her own!! :)

Enjoy... or better yet, dance along with us!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kids = 2 : Mom = 1

Way back when... you saw some pictures of Alia shoveling snow... at the ripe ole' age of 4.

Well... Caidrie got the bright idea to don her snow stuff and follow in her sisters footsteps! No warning, no prompt... just decided she wanted to shovel a bit!

And I have to tell you something.. shhhh... it's personal... *hu hum* I have only shoveled the drive way once... *cough* in my life!!

So these little ones of ours... they have their mama beat 2:1! And I even have a good number of years on them!!

But... I'll give shoveling another try this winter.... I will! And maybe... just maybe... if I'm REALLY embracing the cold, I'll even have Jon teach me how to run the snow blower! 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wisconsin Wonderland

My super thoughtful husband had the wonderful idea of going to Ohio for Christmas this year!! We hadn't been back home for the holidays in 6 years, so it was most welcome!

Ex...cept... for the LONG drive!!

Thankfully Jon had that all thought through too! Meet in the middle for a break, and then continue driving from there!! So... we met Mom and Dad in Wisconsin Dells for a couple nights and enjoyed the big waterpark at our hotel, their little mini amusement park, and included snow tubing! 

Can you believe that our youngins have never been snow tubing before?!? I blame it on the fact that it's SO cold here!!!

At any rate... it was a highlight of our weekend!

Jon and Alia in fierce competition!

Okay, maybe not fierce... but awfully fun! :)

And this trio was fast on their heels!

Larren definitely had the best seat in the place! She never even had to get out of her tube if she didn't want to...

... Grampa would just pull her over to the "hooker upper pulley thinger" (my technical term!)...

... and they'd be ready for another run!!

The weather was CRAZY warm (compared to what we left behind!) so it was a bit odd to look out and see this!

"Homemade" snow! 

I told Jon maybe... just maybe... if we had a set up like this... I'd be a winter person!!! He wasn't convinced! :)

Ho Cho Break

I had a hankerin' for a vanilla spice chai latte this afternoon.. which sounds fancy but is really just a powder that I mix with hot water :) and invited Caidrie to join me. (Larren had better things to do, like groom her plastic horses hair!!)

Caidrie whole heartily agreed! She picked her cup...

... picked her special blend (we're stocked... it's winter in Canada, after all!!) ...

... then waited and WAITED for the chocolaty goodness to cool down!!

And it was at this moment, that I decided I've missed this! I've missed the little every day details that go unnoticed unless I make the EFFORT to NOTICE THEM!!!

The white gripped knuckles... and the big girl cup.

The wild voluminous hair (passed down from her mama!) ...

... her long coveted eye lashes!

And the way she thinks that EVERY proper cup of hot chocolate needs to be drank with a straw!!

Good to the very last drop!

The Come Back Kid

Well... as all three of my blog readers have noticed :) ... I've taken a smidgen of a blogging break!!!

*cough cough*

Okay, it's been awhile! But know what?

I have realized that I actually MISS blogging! I miss looking for the stories in the mundane day to day life. I miss finding those "little moments" with my camera! And I miss capturing snippets of our life, to remember years down the road!

People have commented about certain events not "making the blog" and about this and that... and I just felt like people were expecting too much... so, among other reasons, I decided to stop all together. Time is just not super easy to come by... and I decided to use mine in other ways!

But, it's time to fire up the factory again and use this, in a small way, to stay connected with our family and friends who care!

So... I'm back! Not sure in what capacity... but here we are!! Thanks for using a bit of YOUR time... to glimpse into ours!