Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Up Yo?

Larren is absolutely CRAZY messy when she eats. I don't think she tries to be... it just... happens. I dunno. It might be mean to say... but I'm telling ya... it ain't for the weak stomached

Food on the floor. Food in her chair. Food on her bib. Food on her clothes UNDER the bib. Food in her hair... how in the world one child can get so messy from CHEERIOS, I'll never know! And... for this mama, who NEEDS neatness... it gets to be a little much! 

More times than not, Jon offers to clean her up after supper. Maybe it's because he knows I'm on the verge of losing it half the time... or maybe it's because he gets a thrill out of seeing instant dramatic transformation ... or maybe it's because he's just such a wonderful husband! Whatever the reason, I'm THRILLED!

It's usually not hard to tell which parent was on "clean up duty".  

Any guesses who cleaned the little lady up this time around?! I'll give ya a hint... it wasn't me! :)

 You're wanting the last of my Cheerios, are ya now?!?

Our little mo-hawk baby can sure play the part if she puts her mind to it... at least when there's food involved!! :)

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