Thursday, April 29, 2010

'47 Chevy

Jon has always wanted to put a Cummin's diesel engine in his dad's old '47 pick up, and this spring it's becoming reality! Since my dad is also a mechanic, he and Jon spent a good amount of time working on it while my folks were visiting! And... the hard work "paid off" - they got it running and driving before they left!
There's still lots of work to do, but I'm so excited to see this dream of Jon's come true! This truck will NEVER be a show truck (we have NO desire for that!), but Jon's planning on using it as his daily driver! I'm just hoping I can take it for a cruise every now and then... it really is quite an adventure to drive!

In Town

Since we don't really live in town, we are trying to take every opportunity to teach Alia about "town life". We are trying to teach her to watch for cars, to stay on the sidewalk, to walk close to us, etc. etc. So far it's been going well... but that doesn't mean I don't get nervous still! My oh my, I don't look forward to teaching her how to ride a bike in town... it makes me thankful for the slow life!

We don't have such fun and exciting curbs to jump off of... or ANY curbs, for that matter!

Holding her "special handle" on the stroller as we walk along

Workin' With Daddy

The other day Jon was working outside in the dirt and decided to take Alia with him. Awhile later I heard them come in the door, and yelled, "Heya! Did you guys have fun?!" Then I saw this...

and knew my answer!! Snack time was the only reason either of them wanted to come back inside!

"Wa-wa mewon" lipstick

She wanted to put on her own face cream too... can ya tell?! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lady Like

It's not uncommon at all to find Larren sleeping like this...

...notice her hands? Always the perfect little lady!

Old Toys Make New Fun

Since Larren is becoming more aware of her surroundings, it was time to pull up the baby toys from the basement! The toys were meant for her playing enjoyment, but due to her big sister's interest in them, she's hardly had a chance to see 'em!

It's crazy how long these "new" toys hold Alia's attention!

And ya know... I'll take the peace and quiet every now and then... no problem!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My "New Toy"

While I'm on a blogging roll, I might as well include these oldies that I found hiding away.
*keep on scrolling, by the way... there's LOTS today!*

While I was away with a friend for the day, Jon decided that I needed to have a snow mobile of my own. Maybe it was all the riding I did trying to induce labor with Larren... I dunno... but I'm actually glad he came to that conclusion!
Now see... there's something you should know about Jon! He's a buy and sell kinda guy. We go through a wide range of vehicles in a year, and most people have no idea what we're driving at any given time! BUT... in all of our marriage Jon has always made money on anything he's ever bought and sold! That being said... if Jon sees a deal, he HAS to scoop it up!
Thus... the reason for my new sled!
But, typical in our household... the sled has some "issues" and I needed assistance in starting it!

The girls just looking on in confusion. "What? Dad, you're actually going to let MOM drive that thing? Are you sure? Are you really sure that's a good idea?!"

Here I come, around the bend... and only one mishap thus far!

I'm not exactly sure what it is... but I just DON'T have the coolness factor when I ride sleds! Maybe it's because I really have no idea what I'm doing... I'll admit, I look pretty funny! But notice my new Sorels that Jon got me for my birthday? That should help fool people into thinking I'm Canadian! :)

The Sisters First Chariot Ride

Going for a stroll or bike ride in the Chariot is one of our families favorite summer activities. And with Larren being so tiny, we didn't know how it would work. Well, lo and behold, the Chariot company has thought of everything! They have infant slings! So.. when the weather got a bit warmer, we decided to give it a whirl!

Larren all snug as a bug, and ready to go!

I kept panicking that maybe Larren wasn't breathing, or that Alia would bonk her, or that she was bundled too tight, or.... the list continues. But, she was fine... and Alia did great with her!

Larren might be little, but there was no way that Daddy was going to make her first ride boring... no sirree! If the snow bank is prohibiting the view of the horses, than we'll just show it who's boss!

Same Ole' Chair

Yup... we're still in Calgary when this pic was taken. But nope... we didn't haul Larren's beloved chair with us! Auntie Jen was kind enough to let us borrow theirs! Poor Larren... she's going to look back at pictures and wonder if we actually ever held her during the first months of her life!

Three Peas in a Pod

Our trip to Calgary was the first time all three grandchildren had been together (outside the womb, anyhow!)... so of course, a good photo op was on everybodies mind. Everybodies except the kiddos, that is!

Being dressed in their Sunday best didn't seem to ease the distractions any!

Oh well... we'll try again next time!

IKEA here we come!

Why, oh why, can't we have an IKEA within a reasonable driving distance? Winnipeg is supposedly getting one, and after visiting IKEA in Calgary (it had been awhile since we'd been to one), I sure hope so!
We didn't spend lots of time there, but I got what I came for... so I was pleased!
Before our shopping excursion we needed to "refuel" with ice cream, hot dogs, and cinnamon buns... though don't worry... no one person consumed all three. Well, except for maybe Alia... but she's cute enough that we'll just overlook that!

Due to miscommunication, Alia got her own ice cream cone... between that, and all the fun things to do there, I think IKEA is ranking pretty high in her books!

She's learning to say "cheese"... can ya tell?!?

Jon wasn't the most thrilled to go to IKEA (let's just say he very much hates cheap quality things!) but upon finding the kids play area, he immediately found his calling for the remainder of our time there!

Tea for Two

Alia has found her match! My mother in law LOVES tea... so her and Alia had a number of snacks (or tea parties according to Alia) on the stairs!

A Day Downtown

We weren't overly busy (which was nice!) but we managed to do lots while we were out west! One day we headed downtown to check out a number of things.
Jon has wanted to see our brother in law in court for a number of years... and he finally got his chance! No, no... he's not a criminal... he's on the other side! And the particular case we were witnessing that day was a pretty hefty one! I was only able to stay in the court room for a few minutes (they don't take to little girls being noisy, so I didn't want to push my luck!) but was able to get thoroughly confused in short order... and gain more respect for what Matthew does!
Since cameras weren't allowed, this was the only picture I got. Here we are waiting for Matthew to join us in his office, where Arnie is impressing Alia with his drawing skills!

Our first experience on the C-Train...

... but with our trusty tour guide, it was no problem!

Alia met a new friend outside the city hall! She wanted to pet him, but he wasn't the friendliest of geese... he must not be from "Friendly Manitoba"! Okay... I know, that was lame... I'll stop!

Ever since Arnie has entered our lives, we have been enlightened with Bernard Callebaut chocolate. It's the cream of the crop, folks... and mighty expensive to prove it! We decided it was well worth our time to take a tour of the chocolate factory (though there was no chocolate river in this one!)... and I think we all walked away with more of an appreciation for chocolate! The free sample at the end was an added bonus! But no, no... Arnie wasn't satisfied with the free sample - he had to go for the mega of all mega chocolate bars!! Now that's ALOT of chocolate... but mmmmmm, mmmmmm it's good!


We had such a wonderful time in Calgary!! The hospitality that Jon's family showed us was just amazing! When we got there we were greeted with EVERYTHING we could possibly need for the girls... and oh my, it was so nice not to haul all that stuff with us on the plane! We explored the city, the outlet shopping centers (of course!), toured some airplanes and cock pits, shared lots of family time together and enjoyed watching Alia get to know her grandparents a little more! I should add that Arnie really outdid himself... he not only let Alia jump on the bed, he actually got up there with her to join in the fun! If only I would have gotten a picture of that! As you can imagine, Alia was THRILLED!

Anywhere that Anderson went... Alia was sure to follow!

Uncle Jon and Anderson getting some bonding time in

Anderson and Larren sharing stories of their lives thus far

Eating yummy chicken ranch pizza at Auntie Jen and Uncle Matt's house

Gramma and Grampa with their littlest grand baby

First Flight of Many?

Larren experienced her first plane ride on our way out to Calgary! We couldn't really tell (she slept the WHOLE time) but we're sure she thoroughly enjoyed it! Alia's first ride was at 5 months, but Larren's starting a bit early! Though sadly, she probably won't experience quite as many flights as Alia got too... paying that extra full ticket price for a tiny little 2 year old makes one reconsider driving!

Dedicating Our Blessing

The first Sunday that my parents were out, we had the opportunity to dedicate Larren. Children are such an incredible blessing, and we believe that we should give them back to the Lord as a "thank you gift"! We commit to raising them according to His purposes, and to creating a home life for them that will point directly towards our Father. We are so thankful to have a church family that commits to doing their best in assisting us raise our children as well!

Our beautiful little girl!

Excited big sister...

The picture quality is not the greatest... but you get the idea!