Monday, March 7, 2011

Goose Eggs? No thank you!

Our sweet little one got the goose egg of her career this weekend. 

We were playing hide and seek and as I was "searching" for Alia on the other side of our bedroom, Larren cracked her head on the corner of our bench seat/hope chest. 

The pictures only show the coloration... not how swollen and big this bump really is!

In just the 2.1 seconds it took me to sprint to her side, the bump had already started swelling at a rapid pace. I could literally watch it getting bigger and bigger. It was crazy.

She cried a lot, of course, but the fact that she kept laying her head on my shoulder to sleep was what concerned me most. I called the health link (a handy dandy free networking system that lets you talk to a registered nurse 24/7 about any health concerns) and they were glad she wasn't knocked out... but suggested that an ER visit was in order to just make check everything was okay.

Thankfully Jon walked in about 5 minutes after it happened, and I didn't have to evaluate the situation on my own, or try to get both girls ready to head to the hospital!

We decided to just monitor her for the next hour or two to see what took place.

The bump started to decrease a tad bit, she perked up after a snack, was able to look in our eyes, kept her supper down, and could walk as straight as any other 13 month old! 

It's another of those experiences that we can "add to our pack"... but hope to never pull out in the future! 

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  1. Oh gracious, that does look like quite the knock on her little noggin. Poor girl! Hopefully that bruise clears up in no time!