Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The First Candy Land Duo...

... of many!

Alia and Larren duked it out in their FIRST game of Candy Land together! Alia's been strolling around in the land of goodness for awhile now... but Larren's only been permitted to watch from the sidelines up to this point!

First off... let me just explain that we don't play the game by the rules. Honestly, does any game played with a 2 1/2 year old get played as it should? I think not! SO... instead of taking just one man at a time to the next color space, we make a train and chugga chugga choo choo our way there. It adds to the laughs and helps me improve my "sound skills"!

From the moment Larren stepped up to the table, Alia layed down some pretty strict guidelines. Well... ONE guideline I should say. DO NOT TOUCH... ANYTHING!

My brothers like to remind me (OFTEN!) of my favorite saying as a younger big sister ... "You be the students and I'LL be the teacher!" Well I've said Alia's a mini me in more ways than one... and I ain't kidding!

Though Larren was quite a good little helper when allowed to be... that's for sure and for certain!

Okay, okay... maybe not for CERTAIN, but she tried her darnest!

Now if only she knew what color that was... or how to SAY yellow... or anything remotely close to yellow!

The best of her just couldn't keep her cute little kitten paws off the "train cars". I mean, honestly... with my mean train choo choo's... who could blame her?!?!

This must be a close game... just look at that shear amount of drool!!!

It's all fun and game until little sister eats the game pieces...

then things go down hill, real quick... runaway train style!

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