Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ohio trip - part 3

Visiting with friends/family was of course a highlight of the trip. One night we invited a bunch of our friends over, ate pizza, and made sure the kids didn't get into trouble. My... how our "outings" have changed due to the kiddos!

- My mom and my best friend, Amy just chit chattin away!

- My little girl could hardly keep up with those boys, and by the end of the night she was not in her most modest attire. We took off her soiled shorts and let her run around in her tank top!

- We were taking bets on which kid was going to get wet first!

- Alia came close... but regained her balance and walked away dry as could be!

- This poor girl was positively pooped after playing so hard!

There are so many more pictures that I would love to post... of the balloon ride my family took, of Gramma and Grampa spoiling me with my FAVORITE pizza, of all the people we visited with- but I just absolutely don't have time right now! And since this catching up thing is keeping me from posting recent events, I am moving on! If I ever get the time to add more pics of our Ohio trip I will... but as of now it won't be in the near future!!

Ohio trip - part 2

* Please view Part 1 before this one... I did it a little backwards! *

We went on 3 seperate outings during the duration of our stay, the zoo, a baseball game, and a week long family trip to Mackinac Island area.

The Zoo
- Alia's first time at the zoo!!

- Cousin Sydney and Alia having fun

- Ali and I's favorite animal!!!

- Alia absolutely LOVED the monkeys/gorillas... she couldn't get enough of them!

- The zoo crew

The baseball game
- Swimming at Uncle Josh and Auntie Erin's pool before the game

- Auntie Erin and Ali in their shades

- The game

(This is one of those famous "who in the world took this?" shots. We know who it was, but he shall remain anonymous... just wanted to clarify!)
- At the end of the game they let kids run around the bases and there was a HUGE line up, so we weren't going to take Alia. We finally decided to after all, and Alia ended up being the very last kiddo to cross home plate! Oh was she ever cute, gracious! The whole stadium even cheered for her as she went across!

- Fireworks at the end of the game

Mackinac Island/Michigan
- Our lovely cabins

- Playing at the playground

- The guys went to Drummond Island mudding one day... Jon said the truck did good, except the long box, crew cab part!

- Sault St. Marie boat locks



- The "famous" Antler's restaurant that Mom went to all the time as a kid!

- What a life eh?!

- The not so impressed Alia on the boat

- Mackinac Island
- Loaded up to head to the ferry

- Last minute tune ups on our bikes... note to self, ride them a little before hand next time!!

- On the ferry to the island

- The Mackinac Island Grand Hotel

- This is as close as we got to the hotel... at $300/night for a "bare bones" room, we just aren't quite in the same league!