Tuesday, March 8, 2011


is making it more and more difficult to say good-bye! 

After.... uhhhh... a quick inspection, we realized he is actually a she! Which means she'd fit in pretty good around our place!

I have to say.... the "everything has to be clean" side of me is NOT liking this furry friend. Our verandah is getting messier and messier with each passing day that Pancake (Alia named her this morning!) stays with us. There's muddy paw prints, "fly away" dog hair, and slobber marks on the garden door. I'm reminded that having a dog isn't all play... and that muddy paw prints and doggy baths are part of the deal.

Once again, we're leaning towards giving up this sweet, lovey thing... which will be easier said than done!! Pancake sure knows how to pull the heartstrings!

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