Monday, March 7, 2011

Twenty Seven with Treats

 Every time I look at this picture... I can just feel the love!

My family sent us a sweet package from home and I tell ya... from the moment I picked up the box from the post office, I was convinced I could SMELL home. I'm serious! If only I could bottle up the scent of my Gramma and Grampa's house, of my parent's wood stove, of my Dad's hands, or the scent of a summers night on my parent's patio...  it might make being away a little easier!

Jon likes to remind me that my family flat out spoils me... and he's 100% correct!

There were some B-Day cards for Larren and I, a couple love notes for Alia, a small gift or two for us birthday girls, and some extra little bonus treats to tide us over until we can stock up in the States again!

It's a wide known fact that Cheez-It's are one of my favorite things... so a family sized box was in order! 

And while we're at it... let's not forget the jumbo sized bag of Kit Kat's, because the Canadian ones are, in fact, different...

... or the supply of American pepperoni, the dried beef for SOS,  or the stickers and balloons for Alia!

For part of my B-Day gift I got a few accessories for my Kitchen Aid...

... and Larren received a super sweet gift from my bro and his wife. 

This little book was simply the icing on the cake! I was already feeling super loved, but this just pushed the "love" right over the top!

First, Josh and Erin recorded a birthday message for Larren ...

then, page by page, they read her nursery rhymes.

Larren was a tad "confused" at first, but Alia embraced the concept quickly... 

and repeatedly!

As did Jonathan... he thinks every book in our library should be recordable so we'd only have to actually read the stories once! 

Me... I would just love to get one for each and every family member. Then I'd listen to them read stories to my girls over and over and over again!

** I can't tell you how special I felt when I received your package guys. Thank you. Thank you for spoiling me with not only yours treats, but your interest, your words, and your actions of love. I'm super super blessed by you...  wish we could just pop over for a game of Euchre (because an easy win always boosts the spirits!!!) and some good ole' Jac & Do's... but... being apart only makes being together that much better. Love, love, LOVE you.**

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