Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Sister A

... has had quite the amount of adjusting to do over the last week! Overall she's done OK. I can't say whether it's gone better or worse than I expected. I don't think I had too terribly many expectations for Alia.
I hoped that she would welcome the baby with open arms, and she's totally exceeded that hope! She's been amazing with Larren... sharing toys, "sharing" her snacks, helping me change diapers, giving hugs and kisses like crazy, always including "baby" in her frequent family roll calls. She's been fabulous!

BUT - she's been testing in every other way possible! Our once well behaved girl has had a bit of a relapse and at the moment has forgotten some of the "rules of the land!" People keep saying, "Don't worry - the "old" Alia will come back, eventually"... but still, I'm nervous she won't!

Cool as a Cucumber

Larren is such an easy going babe! For the most part we don't hear a peep out of her... during the day, that is! Whether she's napping, watching the family from her bouncy chair, or snuggling close - she's happy! Nights are less than desired... but she's getting better! We hope!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We proudly welcome...

Larren Faith to our family! She was born on February 13th at 6:58 am. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 1/2" in length!

What an absolute blessing she has been! Yes, things are WAY crazier than I ever thought them to be with two kids... but oh so good! (The pure chaos has been the reason pictures, and even basic information, has been lacking on this beautiful girl!)

The last picture taken 2 nights before labor... I walked by the mirror and thought, "Really? I'm that huge? I gotta get a picture!"

We had another water birth, and again... I would never do otherwise!

We were so thankful to have the same midwife we had with Alia! Marla is just such a wonderful lady to work with!

The official weigh in

Getting all checked over

One very tired Momma... between labor, the busyness of a newborn, and visitors all day we managed to get about 1 1/2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour day.

Daddy and his precious baby girl

Our little Larren Faith

One of our first family pictures

Jonathan is, once again, such a great father. My oh my, I'm beyond blessed to be married to this man!

Alia seeing Larren for the first time

The girls exchanging the gifts they "got" for eachother

The only decent family pic we got... just overlook Alia picking her nose perhaps!!!

Alia was SUPER hyper when she came to the hospital. Between all the spoiling she got over the weekend, the many many people in the hospital room, seeing Mommy and Daddy after not seeing them for a bit, and a new babe - it was just her way of coping I guess!

We had lots of visitors to give her a loving welcome

Larren never made a peep when we put her in her carseat... hopefully she's that content in the days to come!

Alia and Larren seeing eachother at home for the first time

Visiting together the next morning

Sisterly love

Our first post natal visit with Marla

Marla is so good with Alia... giving her little jobs to do, and making her feel like she's one of the patients!

Jon walked in carrying both girls and I couldn't help but get a few pictures. Notice Alia's face? This is HER daddy and she's having a little bit of a hard time sharing!

My three loves

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alia's New Hiding Spot

Call Me Crazy...

... but I'm second guessing both our boy and girl names at this very minute. And Jon's sacked out on the couch, so he can't reassure me. Oh dear. We've had MORE than enough time... we can't start over now!
Maybe it's like "cold feet" before a wedding or something. I dunno... but I need to get over this, or fix it, REAL FAST.

Our Current Family Quote

"I was going to take a shower, but then I blew my nose and that's all the energy I had." - Jonathan, said this morning

That about sums up our last week and a half. And lo and behold... we're sick again. Well... just Alia and Jon are sick. Praise the Lord I'm feeling decent. I'm praying against whatever it is they have right now - that's about the last thing I need.

I've never been a good "puke person" and yesterday Alia tested my limits! Thankfully she's done with that phase (I think) and Jon is a big boy who doesn't need me to hold his hand!

Never in our "family history" have we all been sick like this. The worst case would be like a cold or something. This is over the top for a generally healthy crew.

I guess in some ways this babe is smart to stay put, and in other ways I just want to give him/her a good scolding! I'm massive, can hardly move, and even sweeping the floor seems like a bigger-than-capable task.

Anyhow... that's where our family is at right now. Today I'm just in a bad mood and wish my "mommy" lived closer!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the Great White North

8 inches in 2 days. That's completely normal here. (When I asked Jon to verify that last statement he just looked at me like I was nuts. "Yeah, that's normal... a foot overnight is normal!" I'm not Canadian, okay?! I'm still learning all this stuff!)

My love takes such good care of his girls. And the neighbors. And the people across town. He really enjoys helping others... and snow blowing. And for both I'm quite thankful!

* I know it doesn't look like much snow in the pics... this was just one of the three snow blowing sessions for the weekend! *

When All Else Fails... Try...

Number 3 on the list - a pedicure... check (had one last week anyhow)

Number 4 on the list - going to the chiropractor... check

Number 5 on the list - bouncing on a birthing ball... check (have been for the last few weeks)

Number 6 on the list - brisk walking... check

Number 7 on the list - eating Mexican food... check (had taco salad for supper)

Yet to try - a massage, squats

Any other hints... besides Castor oil... and I'll try em. Maybe!

(Oh and sorry Ame - I would LOVE to try the Olive Garden suggestion, but that's the downside of living far away from a big city. The closest Olive Garden is an hour and a half away! Mmmmmm, but just the thought of salad and bread sticks almost makes it worth the drive!!!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When All Else Fails... Try Bowling

Since snowmobiling didn't do the trick...

Number 2 on the list - bowling.

So, I've never been a great bowler... by any stretch of the imagination. And sure... I can use the pregnancy card as an excuse THIS time around, but that will only last for another few days! It's time to face the truth... if I would have had bowling in high school than I would pretty much be a professional by now! Seriously! Jer, Joe, and Jon all had a bowling stint in high school - and well, you should see their game!

Alia LOVED all the balls of course...

and when she actually got to roll one down the lane - she was a goner! She'll be following in her Daddy's footsteps in no time!

It was quite a site seeing a 9 month pregnant lady TRY to bowl!

Jon, plotting his next move

I told you Jon's quite the pro... look at that form... that poise. He even has the whole "back foot thing" down!

NOT ME! Notice the very much LACK of form. It's more of a lob than a skilled throw!

Due to my double digit game, lack of form and throwing ability, frequent gutter balls, and NO skill... I think the baby chose to stay put out of utter embarrassment! Next time I'll try a sport I have a little more confidence in! For now Alia and I can practice together... she might be able to teach me a thing or two!