Monday, November 2, 2009


This is how Alia chose to eat her snack last night... sometimes I wonder, where'd we pick this kid up at?!?!? :)

"Crayons are for Coloring, not for Eating"

I don't know how many times I've said that over the last few weeks! One of Ali's favorite things to do lately is color with crayons - the only problem... she can't keep from sinking her teeth into them! Blah... you'd think one bite would be enough to know that wax don't taste good!

It's fun to watch her scribble as fast as she can... stop, look at it for a bit... and then scribble, scribble away some more!

Just singing away as she colors

Evaluating her work

Taking a break to check for horses out the window

It starts by simply climbing up just a little bit to reach for a crayon...

And then goes downhill fast with her reaching for anything she can find

Yesterday I caught her standing on the table, goal in hand, ready to jump to the floor. Oh my girl!

Daddy Knows Best

Yesterday Ali did great with the time change, but in the evening was just a tad bit on the cranky side. Okay... LOTS on the cranky side! I was trying to talk on the phone to my folks, so Jon whisked Alia away so she wouldn't be whining in my ear! After awhile I heard fun music coming from the office and wondered what those two were up to! Jon had plopped him and Al in front of the computer to watch... of all things... cat videos on YouTube! Jon totally knew what would make Ali smile - and for the rest of the evening we had our happy girl back! I love how well Jon knows both Al and I... he always knows just what to do for his girls!

Anderson David Lamont

Our first nephew has (finally) arrived! Anderson David Lamont was born to Jonathan's sister and bro-in-law on Thursday Oct. 29th at 6:25 am. He weighed in at 9 lb. 7 oz.! He tried staying put as long as he could, but finally was coaxed out of his comfy surroundings, and both Mom and babe are healthy!

Look at all that hair!!

Jon's mom is just in her glory, I'm sure! It's great that she is able to be there to help (and spoil!) while everyone gets adjusted over these next few weeks!

Sadly enough we won't be meeting this little guy for another month and a half! They will be coming this way before Christmas, but he will hardly be a newborn by then! Oh well... he'll still be sleepy and cuddly - so maybe we'll get some snuggle time in!

Ugh... this makes me SO EXCITED about our new little babe arriving! It can't get fast enough, yet will be here before we know it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peanut Butter

I have ALWAYS been a fan of a good PB and J sandwich. While in high school my best friend and I would spend many late nights chatting in between bites of gooey goodness... but we each had our own way of eating them! She liked hers open faced, I liked mine with bread on the top and bottom. Recently I decided to give Rochelle's "way" a try... and (I'll be honest) I really like it!! I eat the first 3/4's open faced and then fold the last 1/4 into a little mini sandwich! It's random... I know... but this new "discovery" makes me smile!