Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Day Has Come...

... to send off my Canadian Citizenship application!

YAY!! Woohoo! Clapping! Cheering! Dancing... it's a happy day!

I've had my permanent residency for a number of years already, but had to be physically IN CANADA for 1095 days BEFORE I could apply to become a citizen. Every single day that we traveled outside of the country (since 2006) had to be documented, and those days were deducted from my total. I tell ya... I've realized that we sure do travel a lot! It's taken a tad longer to reach that number than I originally thought it would!

Finally I've met the requirements, filled out the application, copied all the documents they want to see, had my immigration pics taken, paid the price tag, and she's off!!!

I will soon be learning lots about Canada/Canadian History in preparation for my citizenship exam, and HOPE to be "official" in a little over a year. Ohhh.... what a breath of fresh air that will be!!!!

Whelp... I'm off to go practice "Oh Canada..."  : ) If nothing else, I'm going to try dazzling them with my opera voice for the national anthem... or, ummm, MAYBE NOT!

1 comment:

  1. I followed you from Mandi's comment page...the Canada bit caught my attention!
    Congrats on making the magic number to become permeant residents. I don't really know the drill as I was born here. Which also means that you'll know the Canadian history that I've forgotten. A lot of years ago a bunch of us helped quiz a couple of people at work for their Canadian citizenship test. I could only say "I used to know that" to many of the questions.
    I hope the studying goes smoothly.
    I know it's tough living in a new place not knowing anyone. Even moving within the same country, or even province can be a culture shock. I hope you've made some good friends as they can help make a strange place home.
    Cute kids and love the tea party nook!