Monday, January 30, 2012

365 Project: January 27, 2012

When friends are coming over for supper, and things are running a tad late...

... I have two (or three!) eager sous chef's ready to lend their expertise!


  1. You are looking lovely! And impressively not too stressed if you really were running late - and sharing your kitchen with 3 little people. : )

  2. Thank Chelle! And yes... supper wasn't ready when they arrived! BUT I've been on a learning journey of what to stress over and what not too! I'm learning that it's not worth trying to impress people... I want to make them feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed... absolutely. But that it's not worth snapping at my family just because I want supper to be on the table by 6 pm sharp! Some guests stress me out more than others... but my day in & day out goal is still to choose relationship! We learn until the day we die, right?!? :)