Tuesday, January 24, 2012

365 Project: January 16, 2012

Jonathan, being the country boy that he is, had a fair collection of toy tractors when he was a young whipper snapper. Green is his color (and brand!) of choice... which appears started quite early on in life! 

These classics have been stored away just waiting to be played with by the next generation... and our girls were happy to comply!

Alia learned all about about haying, disking, stone picking, and combining...

... and wasn't the least bit thrilled when it was time to put them away! We may not have boys... but these are bound to get their share of use! 

Daddy/daughter date nights might have gotten a new look... tinged with hint of John Deere green! :)

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  1. Your girls will not be scarred by playing with some tractors. Take it from one who also came from an all girl family with green tractors to play with. It's a plus to growing up in the country. Just wait till they can drive the lawnmowers!!!