Thursday, January 5, 2012

365 Project: January 1, 2012

As mentioned, my goal is to take at LEAST a picture a day for the year. When 2012 is over I'd like to compile them all together in a book to document how we spent our time! They may not be anything fancy... actually I KNOW they won't be anything fancy :)  ... but they're us. And as we glance back over the year I look forward to the memories that will follow!

Jan 1st. had us saying goodbyes to my family as they headed back to O-HI-O. Funny how our house actually felt QUIET after they left! We tidied up a bit, took a nap here & there, and basically just spent the day relaxing / playing with all the new goodies the girls received. 

A great way to welcome in the New Year in my books! :)

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