Wednesday, January 11, 2012

365 Project: January 4, 2012

Jan. 4th brought us to Caidrie's 6 week check up with our beloved midwife. Our appointments with Marla are anything but rushed, and we do our fair share of chit chatting... but this time I think we made a record! Our visit was nearing two hours when we decided to say our good-byes! Have I mentioned that we absolutely L-O-V-E her? Even Alia and Larren get giddy and excited when they get to visit with "Miss. Marla!" Maybe it's because she brought them sweet little necklaces & bracelets after Caidrie was born... or that she let's them be the little assistants when she checks Caidrie & I... or maybe it's because she takes time to show them specific things and give them hugs... or simply because she knows how to make a person feel extra special! We've been OH SO blessed to be under her care and to have her deliver all of our babies. She is so gentle, kind, caring, insightful, compassionate, and basically just the friendliest gal you're ever gonna meet! 

Caidrie did fantastic and is healthy as can be! She weighed in at 12 lbs. 2 oz. and is flying right out of her 3 month clothes and rounding the bend to 6 month! At the age of 6 weeks, mind you! :) This is on the verge of craziness!

So yeah... knowing this was (most likely!) the last official appointment we'll ever have with Marla made me shed some tears! A friend once said to me, "Maybe you & Marla should find some other things in common so you don't have to keep having babies to see her!" And...*sigh*... she's probably right! :)


  1. I TOTALLY get that.. i've considered having more babies so I could visit with my doctor too!! Marla was there when I was hemorrhaging with Justus.. she was amazing, calm, encouraging and all around WONDERFUL!! :)
    I say just have another baby :)


  2. I love Marla but haven't seen her in so long... seeing as my youngest is already 5.