Friday, January 20, 2012

365 Project: January 11, 2012

My husband buys and sells all things motorized. It's a hobby he's had long before I met him and one that probably won't be going away anytime soon! Don't get me wrong... we all benefit from it, but sometimes... well sometimes, it can be a bit much!

Like this last project for example.

Around noon Jon mentioned that there was a truck in the city he'd like to buy and wondered when would be a good time to pick it up. I had been wanting to run into the city (a 1 1/2 hour drive) for something anyhow, and suggested we should go that afternoon. I was in the middle of a painting project, and no one had eaten lunch yet... so we rushed around to get every one fed, watered, and clothed... and were on our way.

Since it was a "special trip" we let the girls watch a movie or two... don't let their intense looks fool you, they were quite thrilled with the idea!

The roads were decent and Caidrie slept the whole way in so the trip was off to a great start!

Jon looked at the truck, decided to buy it, I did a bit of shopping, the girls got to play at the McDonald's play place, and we were ready to head home. Still a nice quick trip at this point.

Well, less than 10 minutes out of the city we started to run into some problems. The truck was a diesel (of course!) and still had summer fuel in it. Since our temps have been warmer than average it wouldn't have been an issue... until TODAY! It was -38 Celsius (-36 Fahrenheit). Needless to say the truck wasn't impressed. It's a bit of a lengthy story but the moral is... always bring a tow strap!

We typically follow this principle, but the tow strap that's usually in my Expedition got moved to another vehicle... so we were left with two tie down straps instead. As I was towing Jon with those, I called his best friend Josh (who lived about 20 minutes away) to see if he would come to our rescue! Both Josh and Jon are the type of guys that would do anything for anybody at any hour of the day or night, so Josh just laughed and said he's on his way!

Josh was coming from the opposite direction and rather than turning around on the road he decided to show his off-roading prowess... which resulted in the rescuer becoming the rescuee! 

Our Expedition was proud to be of service to one of it's big brothers in need and pulled the truck out with the greatest of ease!

The boys inspected the truck to see what hope it had left... and decided that towing was it's best bet of the night!

So... Josh got to rescue us after all! His only complaint was "Seriously... with all the warm weather we've had you chose the coldest night of the year to buy a truck!" And for the record... he tows WAY faster than I do! :) We were at Josh's house in no time... 

... and home by midnight!

Our girls were fantastic and oddly enough, weren't surprised by the whole thing! Can you tell they are their father's children?!

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  1. Oh Renee,
    What an "adventure"! I was reading this remembering that you pretty much always had a tow strap on you!! One of those essential eh?! Hugs!