Tuesday, January 24, 2012

365 Project: January 17, 2012

This, folks, is something to get excited about... in my world anyhow!

Jon volunteered to do the dishes, Alia ASKED if she could help dry, and Larren... well she simply wanted to be where the party was!

And don't let the fact that Alia's only three years old fool you... this girl is a dish drying professional! 

She just sings along... making up songs about each item as she goes!

Poor Jon has to practically bend in half to wash the dishes! A request has been made for higher counter tops in our next house. I counter offered with a dishwasher request ... negotiations are still in progress!

Caidrie tried to get in on the team action... but quickly came to the conclusion that the view from the nose bleed section was best!

And seeing how all bases were covered, there wasn't much left for me to do but cheer from the sidelines!!

Yay team K!! :)

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