Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolutions... or Lack There Of

As appealing and inspiring as New Year's resolutions can be... I've just never been all for 'em. Maybe it's because I know myself (and my shortcomings) a little too well or maybe it's because I feel my normal every day life is about as much as I can currently handle!

This year I'm only going to commit to two things.

1 - Take at LEAST one picture a day for the next year! Doesn't sound too hard right? But I must admit, I'm not the greatest with picture consistency... so this will take effort! The extra twist is that I want the picture to sum up the events of the day, if possible. My ideal goal would be an award winning photo every single day... but I'm telling both you, and myself, to keep expectations low! Real low...

2 -Wake up in the morning ready to give up my own personal expectations and to simply SAVOR the day. I have found that expectations usually take AWAY from my life instead of adding to it. And the short story of the matter is... I have too many, and I need to get rid of them! :)

My "365 Project" officially started January 1st... but here's a little appetizer from our New Year's Eve festivities!

Visiting family, kids, and cards... if I would have included the huge spread of food we consumed than this pic would have hit the nail on the head! :)

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