Wednesday, February 1, 2012

365 Project: January 28, 2012

Some of our best friends came to spend the weekend with us... and it was such. a. blessing! Jon and Aaron have been close buds for over 12 years, and Charm and I hit it off the first time we met! They're the type of friends that
... don't bat an eye at my "crazy bedhead, no make up, stay in my PJ's until noon" look
... don't judge us when we (or our kids!) don't have it all together
... we feel we can be 100% real with
... gladly sacrifice sleep so that we can talk until long after midnight three nights in a row!

The added bonus : they adore our girls. I've said it before... but every time I witness it, I'm blown away. When someone treats our kids as their own that speaks volumes about our friendship! 

Aaron did more reading in one weekend than he probably has in years combined, willingly sat through Alia's demonstration of what she's learned in "school"...  then asked if they could do MORE schooling together, plus got his fair share of exercise from chasing the girls around "the football field" (A.K.A. our basement)!

Charm made the girls day by opening up a salon... with the sole purpose of making them feel pretty!!

Mission accomplished! :)

They will be joining the "parenting club" in a few weeks... and if their role as "mommy and daddy" is anything like their role of "auntie and uncle" they will be FABULOUS members indeed!

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