Thursday, January 5, 2012

365 Project: January 2, 2012

Only two days into my 365 Project and I realized something quite beneficial to attaining my goal. In order to really capture the day in ONE shot, my camera will have to come with me everywhere I go! 

A good friend and I headed to the States for a day of shopping and to, dare I say it, get away from the kiddos! I could have gotten several more accurate pictures of what our day entailed...
- maybe of Loralee and I trying on cute (read: on the verge of ridiculous!) hats
- eating at Jimmy John's for the first time (which has been added to my "must eat at again" list!)
- climbing in the VW through the passenger side door umpteen times because Jon's car decided to give us grief
- battling to open the cars overflowing trunk on several occasions because it too decided to give us grief
- or maybe our cheers and shouts of WOOHOO! when the border officer let us through without paying duty on all our purchases!

But... because I didn't bring the big black box needed to capture those things... I settled on an "end of the shopping day picture" with this cute little bean!

Caidrie came along on our shopping expedition (of course!) and my oh my, she was positively perfect! The only mishap was a diaper blow-out in aisle 12... but other than that we couldn't have asked for a better shopping companion! 

God knows me well... and knew that after Larren's rough first year I needed an easy baby for my own sanity's sake! I've heard baby #3 is the "golden baby" and so far that's ringing true! Caidrie is the most laid back, barely makes a peep, goes with the flow, baby I've ever met! I think I see many more shopping / spa trips in her future! :)

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