Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Project: January 20, 2012

The girls received a train set as part of their Christmas / part of Larren's birthday gift and since they are hooked, line and sinker, on Thomas the Tank Engine we thought this would be "the gift of all gifts" in their minds. 

They like it, sure... but it didn't pack quite the punch that we thought it would!

They're still a tad young for it, and will no doubt grow into it, but for now Larren likes being the "railway engineer!" She is our analytical one... and is always trying to figure out how things work!

She likes rearranging the track, hooking the engines and freight cars together, and dropping cargo from the crane into the waiting cars. But when her shift is done... that's it, the fun is over! All trains go back in the drawer and you'd best be running around the track if you want to get one more lap in!

You can try to convince her that there's lots more work to be done on the Island of Sodor, but trust me, Sir Topham Hatt himself couldn't change her mind! :)

** Shooting at night in the basement is a tad tricky... so another lesson learned - shoot early and shoot often! **

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