Friday, October 1, 2010

Move Over Sista

I love that we have a big verandah. It satisfies our need for being outside... all without the dirt and the stains and the mess!! And that makes for one happy mama!

The girls just play happily and have no idea that Mommy is keeping them from all the joys of eating dirt and being covered from head to toe. (I do realize it's inevitable... but I'll cross that bridge when the time comes!)

Driving a car is so much easier on a smooth surface too... you see, Alia hasn't mastered her Fred Flinstone technique yet.

And with such "close" quarters... I prefer precision. (I still don't know why, with a 90 ft. verandah, they choose to play within the same 5 ft. square. Life's unanswered questions, eh?!)

But she's cautious... or at least trying to be!

Easy does it...

This little gal is hard to see in the rear view sometimes...

With Alia's driving confidence nearing an all time high - she decides it's a good time to pass a tip or two along to her sister

And her sister is THOROUGHLY impressed!!!!

A little too impressed...

There's no taking the wheel back now...

Alia's patient... for awhile, that is! Then she kindly gives Larren a hug... and asks me to go play with Larren somewhere else!

I think she just wanted more obstacles to maneuver through!

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