Friday, October 15, 2010

Spinning Delight

Tonight was a treasure, a treasure indeed. A memory that I want to remember for a long, long time. We received a VIP pass to a recital from our favorite 2 year old. Alia donned her pink tu-tu... and danced to her heart's content!

I loved it. I loved every single minute of it.

Her delight and joy when we told her how beautiful she was.

Her laughter when she fell down.

Her little breaks when she got tired of busting a move!

Her being... well, HER!

Dancing with her Prince Charming...

... and her best friend!

Her desire for us to stop EVERYTHING we were doing to watch her.

Her ballerina chats with daddy!

It seems that at some point (and I'm not quite sure at what age, exactly...) we stop telling girls they are beautiful. We stop telling them how much we love them and how wonderful they are. We stop doting on them whenever possible, and we just get into some sort of "I'm sure they know it, so I don't have to say it" mode.

I don't ever want to stop telling my girls how lovely they are. I WANT, so badly, to continue telling them until I'm old and gray. I want them to know what a treasure they are... that they are delighted in... that they have incredible worth and value in Christ Jesus... and that God has a hand picked plan for them.

A plan that leads to blessings... blessings overflowing and better than we ever imagined.

1 comment:

  1. i love your passion and love and commitment to raise your daughters well. blessings in the process.

    and just in case YOU need to be reminded:
    YOU are beautiful.
    YOU have incredible passion.
    YOU are sweet.
    YOU are loved.
    YOU bring joy to others' lives.

    - love, me.