Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd Annual Harvest Party

This past Sunday was our 2nd annual harvest party. There's only a couple of actual farmers in the bunch... but we are still celebrating the "harvest" - all the blessings that God has given us!

The menu was the same, and just as simple, as last year... chili, cornbread, buns, pickles, potato chips, and veggies with brownies and ice cream for dessert. (Give or take a few added bonuses!)

Our theme was "tools with a hint of fall"! (We held the shin dig in the garage!)

Instead of salt water taffy, we used peanuts as center pieces this year! And threw in a few chocolate pumpkins for the sugar lovers (aka children) in the bunch!

The pumpkin olympics are the main event at our harvest party - and this year we weren't let down! Jon managed to find what little grass we have available right now, and got out his spray paint to make the games happen! Ya'll ready for this?

Ladies and gentleman... LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

Event #1 : Stairway to Pumpkin Heaven

The name of the game was to toss your pumpkin onto the highest stair... without going over to the land of doom

Event #2 : Shake, Rattle, and Roll, Roll, Roll

Roll to the highest point section... without meeting Mr. Frowny Face!

Event #3 : Pumpkin Curling (without the sweeper and all the yelling!)

Event #4 : Can It (which just so happened to be this years most popular event)
Stand behind the line and toss your pumpkin into the can... or if you're REALLY skilled, land it in the "hidden" basket BEHIND the can!

And if you're confused about the scoring... there's a handy dandy arrow to remind you!

Close, but no cigar! It's harder than it looks, folks!

We have a winner!!

Does Joe toss as good as his wife?

It appears so!!

Poor Jen TRIED tossing her pumpkin but it had taken quite a beating!

Event #5 : And for the grand finale... HEAVE HO!
Longest throw wins 25 points!

Pumpkin is a good fertilizer, right? :)

The neighbor cat sure didn't seem to mind!

I am so blessed to have friends that just hold my babe, without thinking twice, so that I can snap a few pics!! Thanks ladies!

Mike CLEARLY won for biggest pumpkin! And he got his workout for the evening having to toss that monster back and forth!

And there's just no way around it... there were some casualties!

Addie was quite concerned about this one!!

There's no age discrimination at this test of the best!

Our little family

And yup... Larren WAS trying to eat Alia's puff ball! We do feed our children, I promise!

Grand prize was a big ole' box of canned goods to be given, by the winner, to a family in need or to the winner's favorite charity!

Zach and Jen took home all the marbles YET AGAIN, this year! They are a force to be reconned with I tell ya!

Brad came in 2nd place... and received, much to his dismay, a brand new (cough, cough... "brand new"... cough...) parts weed whacker! He said he couldn't carry it home... since he was walking and all... but that's what a good neighbor is for, right!? We'll drop off his prize to him within 48 hours!

Alia and Addie making good use of the centerpieces!

Desert is served!

Relaxing after a hard game's work!

This years party was a bit smaller, maybe a bit more thrown together (shhhh!), and a bit less energetic than 2009... but that's why they are annual, right?! So you can just say... oh it will be better next year!

It was still lots of fun, and a wonderful way to celebrate our many blessings with friends!!


  1. Great post Renee!! And an even greater party! Looking forward to next year!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! If I was closer I'd think about traveling out for the event! Keep me posted eh?! :)

  3. Already looking forward to next year, definitely a highlight of our fall!