Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Ganoba Bar" Equality

One definite highlight of Alia's day is snack time... and one definite highlight of snack time is "ganoba bars".

"Ganoba bars" are a special treat, you see.

The second I give the go ahead, Alia opens the pantry door, locates the box, opens the box (if need be), takes out a "ganoba bar", closes the pantry door, opens the "ganoba bar" wrapper, and puts the wrapper in the trash. She's a pro "ganoba bar" consumer, I guess you could say!

Well, Larren has caught wind of this special snack time delicacy... and demanded equality!

First up... the stunned, surprised, "Oh whatcha got there" tactic

The sad look of a plan gone wrong...

New tactic... sneak up from the side

OH, OH... this is looking hopeful, folks!

Nope, no good. Tactic # 3 - a little good ole'd fashioned begging...

And if at first you don't succeed... try, try, try again!

Enough of that, she says...

Tactic # 4...

Rally up the "ganoba bar consumer" and take down the "ganoba bar dictator"... head straight to the top of the command line!!

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