Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Curious with a Capital "C"

This girl is beyond curious.

She'll plow over, push through, crawl under, or reach up for anything that catches her eye. She knows no fear.

And her new standing trick really comes in handy for moments such as these!

Ahhh, goal achieved.

Now to stop and take a closer look at what this is, actually, that just HAD to be attained.

Of course, a taste test is in order.

BLAH! Lens caps are not as good as expected!

So a good shake will have to do.

Until UH OH. Horror of horrors, it was shook a little too hard...

and slid under the deacon's bench.

It's a sad day in Larren's world...

but she will not be defeated!

There's still nooks and crannies to discover, dust bunnies to find, and mischief to get into!

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