Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up on Anything

Lately, Larren has been trying to stand up on anything that will let her! The kitchen cupboard drawers, the oven drawer, her sister's step stool, laundry baskets, the girls toy shelf, the stairs, the rocking chair, the coffee table, or if I sit on the floor long enough, she'll crawl right over and use me as a human jungle gym! As long as she can get from point A up to point B, it doesn't matter to her! Most times she doesn't know where point B is... but it has to be better than where she's at!

I wasn't kidding about the whole jungle gym thing... as you can see, the camera was point B right about now!

Unfortunately she misjudged on this one. She just happened to topple over into her sister's "boat" (aka empty suitcase!) and couldn't quite find a way to get back out!

Our little eager beaver sure makes for quite the entertainment around here... seriously, who needs TV when there's little tikes around?!?!

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