Monday, October 25, 2010

Scene of the Crime

Alia isn't the most pleased when "someone" rearranges her alphabet pieces or loses them under the fridge. She likes to have them in order, in lines, or in an arrangement SHE chose for the day...
Needless to say, we came upon THIS the other day after lunch.

I know... we were a little shocked ourselves.

But calm down, calm down... let's gather some evidence.

Clue # 1 - An orange sippy cup was left at the scene. Interesting... very interesting.
Clue # 2 - The letters ABC were left in tact... the suspect has OBVIOUSLY heard the alphabet song played over and over and over and over again.
Clue # 3 - There are several letters "hidden" under the fridge for the next crime strike. And there's only one person in this house whose line of vision is consistently at ground level.

Any guesses?

I'll give you one last clue... THIS was captured as the suspect made their getaway!

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