Saturday, October 30, 2010

Potential Felt Food Fanatic

So my best friend, Jen, has been talking about felt food for the past few months now. I've always just said "Yeah, that's great... but you're the crafty one!" and left it at that. Horrible friend that I am... I hadn't even seen the huge box of food that she made for her kids. Until two nights ago.

GRACIOUS! I've been dreaming about felt food ever since... it's ridiculous!!

Just look at some of these samples from a blog I found...

It's endless what you can do with this stuff!!

She even made cute little bags to put all the food in...

So, needless to say... my sewing machine it going to be in full swing this winter! I am SO SO SO excited to order some felt from the States (you guys have SUCH a huge advantage down there, by the way... good prices, full range of colors... it saddens me a bit!!)

I'm going to spend $20 and only get 1 yard of each color I want... that's my beginning goal! I can't wait!

Oh, here's the blog where the above pictures came from, by the way...

And if you want more info on felt food, just google it. There's images and tutorials EVERYWHERE!!!

Happy felting!

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