Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giddy Up

I tell ya... is it ever nice to have an auntie who LOVES horses! She has the joy of feeding, caring for, training, and loving on them... and we are able to enjoy riding them every now and then!

Since Monday was a holiday (Canadian Thanksgiving, for all my American posse!) Alia spent a bit of the afternoon cruising around on Auntie Jer's horse, Patrick!

There was no warm up period, what so ever. Just hop on and hold on!

She wasn't excited in the least... can ya tell?!?!

Daddy walked along side of Alia and Patrick... just in case of an "incident"

And, because Alia is always up for an adventure, they even trotted!

She did great... just held on to "the horn that doesn't make any noise" (when asked what she was supposed to hold on to, this was Alia's response!) and bobbed along!

Larren and I's turn to "chaperone"... which, I must say, Jon definitely had the height and speed advantage in the event that something did occur. I felt next to useless walking along side there, but it's all about the effect, right?!

Another little friend joined the party... which was just icing on the cake!

Looking like a true cowgirl... cozy and relaxed in the saddle!

Larren's turn! She wasn't near as thrilled as her sister, but with a runny nose, cough, and slight fever - who can blame her! We'll have to try again when she's a bit bubblier!

Bidding farewell

Patrick was a VERY good boy! We should have brought him a little treat for being such a great sport... but sadly enough we didn't... and an "I Owe U" just isn't the same!

Giving Auntie Jer a big ole' "thank you" hug!

One more bye bye pat for Patrick!

Alia won't be forgetting this little ride-a-thon anytime soon, and that's a fact!
Thanks again Auntie Jer!


  1. What fun memories to have with an aunt! I love the last one! A treasure for sure.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Looks like u guys had a great time! I can't wait till Kelsey is old enough to actually enjoy being on a horse, and to have Auntie Jer, Auntie Miranda and Mommy bombard her with horses!!! :)