Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fresh Fall Stroll

We have had AMAZINGLY warm weather here in Manitoba over the last couple of days! I thought our Indian summer was a long lost cause... but it's here, it's here!!! All four of us have been thoroughly enjoying the warmth, the fresh air and sunshine!

Lately, at the utter mention of a walk, Alia is putting her shoes on and making a B-line for the door!

We're pretty excited to be outside, can ya tell?!?

Since we live in a super small community, and since it's the middle of the day, and since traffic is NOT even a hint of an issue, Alia can just waltz along with the stroller (and her sister who happens to be IN the stroller!) down the middle of the road!

See there she is... Hi, Larren! Wave to Mommy!

We had to stop for some pics along the way, of course!

Here we are at Auntie Betty's house enjoying the leaves... and the stones... and the mulch... and the bugs... and the...

And here we are just milliseconds before Larren...

upchucked the 3/4 of a box of Cheerios that she ate for afternoon snack.

Which ended our lovely fall stroll in a fast hurry. A very fast hurry!

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  1. Please come take pictures of my life and make it look so darling! :)