Monday, October 25, 2010

Quad Distraction

And here's the reason why it was SO hard for the girls to look at my camera when we were playing in the leaves!! Uncle Ron was going for a little spin on the four wheeler! Of course... Alia and Larren wanted to go too, so they each took a ride on a nice, crisp fall day!

What amazing, amazing neighbors we have! Yes... we are looking for a bigger house, but we really don't want to leave our little community! We have "family" here and that's worth more than we can say!
Uncle Ron and Auntie Betty treat our kids as if they were their own grandchildren (it might help that they don't have any yet!). Ron and Betty's kids also live in our community, and they are some of our closest friends! Alia and Larren have NO idea that they aren't our actual family... and sometimes we forget too! They invite us to their family holiday dinners, birthday parties, Sunday dinners, and will watch the girls on a moments notice.
What a huge blessing God has given us in this family... we're still hoping we don't have to leave this area to "upgrade" homes!

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